If your toothbrush could talk, what would it say? We asked Poetry Zone visitors to write a poem as told by an inanimate object. For example a coin might tell us of its adventures or a car might be looking forward to a drive in the country. A Teddy bear might tell us about how it got lost… and so on.

The Trash Bin Speaks! by Nicole Anne Braganza

Pencil shavings, what do you think!
It’s nearly sent me to the brink
Doggy bones, potato mash
Quit stuffing me up with this TRASH!
Onion peels and radish heads
Last years’ sheaves, from the corn bread
I have to boast, of my immunity,
To things I’m fed, by the community!
Apple juice, to wash it all down,
A chop suey from all over town.
Granny’s real smart, look at her cheek
She fed me with dentures last week!
Now I’m ill, can’t chew or slurp,
Unless you pat my tummy…
BuRrRp !

Rolling Along by Sara Holbein

I roll along
Never knowing where I’ll end up.
In a corner.
In the cold. In the gutter.
I stink of grease.
Once I was read by everyone.
Now I disintegrate in the rain.
An old chip wrapper.

Matchbox by Roger Stevens

I was as useful as could be
And I rattled pleasantly
A box made all of wood and brightly patterned
Then my children all left home
And left me all alone
Empty… discarded… and flattened