Who’s Who in a Clerihew?


A clerihew is a four line comic verse of two rhyming couplets. The lines can be any length but the first contains the name of the well known person who is being written about. The second line should rhyme with the person’s name. It was invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley who died in 1956. So, your verse can be about anyone famous, it must rhyme and it should be F U N N Y. Here are the three excellent examples.best 

Winnie the Pooh
 by Courtney Carlson (age 8) 

Winnie the Pooh
What does he do?
I wish I had as much money
As Pooh has honey.

The Mystery of the Boil by Nicole Anne Braganza 

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Developed a mysterious boil
But how it evolved and came about
Even Sherlock Holmes never found out!

Queen Elizabeth by Kevin Knox (age 11) 

Queen Lizzie
Is so busy
Learner drivers hold her up
So she’s late to feed her pup