Christmas poems sent to The Poetry Zone over the last few years. Lots of styles for your class to try.

Christmas by Lilly Hawthorne (aged 9)

Putting up the decorations
Hanging stockings by the fire
Every boy and girl is hoping
They will get their heart’s desire.

Sleepless nights of nervous waiting
Listening to every sound
Squeals of joy, they know they’re good
By the piles of presents on the ground.

Sharing time and gifts with family
Taking in a panto show
Because God as a baby
Came to Earth so long ago

Christmas Rap (Mary meets Angel Gabriel)
by Class 2 Kneesall C of E Primary (7-9 years)

It ain’t no lie
He came from the sky
Mary wondered why?
Mary wondered why?

You’re gunna get married to a wealfy man
Don’t worry Mary,we’ll help ya all we can

You’re gunna have a son, he’ll be called Jesus
He’s gunna be the greatest of all the geezers

He’s gunna help the sick, he’s gunna help the poor
Watch out world, he’s gunna do more!

Mary, Mary don’t be afraid
Mary, Mary there’s a baby bein made

So mixed up, going crazy in ma mind
Goin on a journey, dunno whad’m gunna find?

Mary, Mary don’t be afraid
Mary, Mary there’s a baby bein made
Baby bein made, baby bein made…

Christmas by Laura Chapman (aged 9)

Christmas peered
Into the greedy world,
Full of forgotten people.
Sadly he thought they
Will not have a Christmas.

Christmas wanted
To make a difference,
To fulfil those unhappy

Christmas spent
All of his money
On the most important
Although he could not
Send in Santa,
He could still make
someone smile here.

Christmas by Anna McGinn (aged 9)

Chocolate melting in our mouths
Holly scattered on you front door
Rudolph eating his warm oats with a sparkle
Ivy growing around your Christmas tree
Snow is cold on your wet nose
Treats for all the family
Mouths on hot burning tea
Amazing presents and cold snow
Santa climbing up the chimney!

Christmas by Alyx Kendrick (aged 9)

Christmas skipped
Through the corridor
Of a lonely man’s house,
Christmas crawled
Into the front room
Spreading joy everywhere.

Christmas’s face
Was warmed up,
By the fire
In the front room.

Christmas wished
Every bauble on the
Christmas tree,
Would sparkle
In the shining light.

Christmas hopped
Back out to go,
To spread more joy
For all the World
At Christmas time.

My Alphabet Christmas by Kirsty Brickles (aged 10)

Dear Santa,
All I really want is:
A gift, Binoculars, a few Cars, Daddy’s wallet,
An Elephant, Fun, Games, Hangman,
Icicles hanging from my nose, Jazz music, a few Kangaroos,
Laughter, Money, Nanny and Grandpa, Oranges in my stocking,
Peace in the world, Queen’s new album, Racks full of Christmas music,
Sandy beaches, Tinsel to decorate the tree, Undercover spy gear,
Vandalism to cease, Wind to calm down, A xylophone, You and me,
and a few Zebras.

That’s all I want for Christmas. It’s not that much to ask for, is it?

I Love Christmas by Imogen (aged 9)

I love Christmas
Christmas loves me
All those pretty presents
Stacked under the Christmas tree!

I love Christmas
Christmas loves me
A big shiny wrapped present
Wondering what it could be!

I love Christmas
Christmas loves me
Well I guess I’ll have to wait
Because otherwise its not Christmassy!

The Best Place to be at Christmas Time by Ashleigh Yates (aged 13)

Could be the sunny beach or the sparkling snow,
they’re fun and all that, but I really don’t think so.

For Dad it might be zooming around in a go-kart,
but for me, that’s too fast-paced and hard.

Mum might want to relax in a spa with no kids shouting in her ear.
But I’m a kid and I talk a lot, so I obviously can’t be there.

My sister will want to go to friend’s houses where there’s heaps to do.
She says if I come, I’ll get on a high (and that’s probably quite true).

The best place to be at Christmas time is perfect for everybody.
It’s exciting and loving, it’s right here with my family.

A Recipe for a Happy Christmas by Indigo Class

First put some decorations into a huge mixing bowl
Next add some twinkling fairy lights
After that mix in a cupful of love and a few drops of laughter
Mix in a jug full of presents from Santa
Then stir in some paper chains
Carefully sprinkle some fairy dust
Shake in some snow and
Add some glowing candles to remember Jesus
Mix in some carols and lots of happiness
Gather some holly and add a happy family
That’s how we make a Happy Christmas

Christmas by Daniel

Christmas is nearly here.
Have some fun and spread some cheer.
Make sure you give back.