by Beatrice aged 11

As they speak,
I shall weep,
For their chatter is bitter.
Bitter Sweet.

They will laugh,
While others will cry,
For their chatter is bitter.
Bitter Sweet.

Back Home

by Ruby aged 11

Home is a place that I can go,
To take things off my shoulder,
Park is right there so take me too,
Then you need to hold her.

Someone take me home.


by Olive aged 13

Friends are fun
Friends are great
You should have friends
Friends are awesome
Friends make happy memories
Friends can keep a secret 😉
Friends will know your secret

Roses are Red

by Hollie aged 10

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You’re such a good girl
I don’t know what I would do
Without you


by Harper Head aged 10

Everyone needs a puppy
They’re cute and fluffy
They like to play
But don’t get in their way
They eat your food
But don’t be fooled
It helps you get over your first break up
So you can put on some makeup

The Beach

by Maggie May Faulkner aged 10

The beach is fun
The beach is for everyone
It’s cool, it’s chill
It’s living in the bill
Why don’t you go to the beach?
You can play volleyball with your feet
Make friends, make sand castles
I found a hidden parcel
The beach is made for picnics
It’s made for sick pics.

I Wish You Would Understand

by Bethany aged 11

harte beets faris coulers
and promisess how to be brave
how can i love wen i am afred one step clocer !!!!!!!!!
i have die evryday waiting for you darlid
you will be afred i have love you for a thouesnd years!!!
and wish you wold understand
i love you for a thpusend years.
so i wish you coud understand me talking slowly
since me in the room snugling up crying
like their is no were to stared like their is no were to STARED
cus i have die evryday waiting for you daely
dont be afred
i have love you of a thousend years
now loved for a thouesend years
and i wish you would understand
i have loved you for a thousend
yesesayacha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ans done.


by Steph aged 10

Roblox is cool
Roblox is a game you wish to play at school
Roblox is the best game in the world
Roblox is great for every girl
Roblox is fun you should play it

Hope you like my Roblox poem

My Mother Has

by Saya aged 11

My mother has
Ears that truly listen,
Arms that always hold,
A love that’s never ending,
And a heart that’s
Made of gold.

Nina, My Friend

by Shiloh aged 10

The girl that makes me laugh is so kind
Like Albert Einstein with her mind.
She’s not fiendish
Instead friendlyish.
She doesn’t make me cry
So hard I will lie.
Her favourite colour is black
Not much of a pack.
Or should I say blue
That’s you.