by Hana aged 9

My love for you is like the raging sea,
So powerful and deep it will forever be.
Through storm, wind, and heavy rain,
It will withstand every pain.
Our hearts are so pure and love so sweet.
I love you more with every heartbeat.


by Olivia aged 11

Kids have crushes at a young age

Is it true or is it fake?

Night or day they read love stories

Don’t get tricked into truelove

Because it could be false


The Stormy Seas of Romance

by Eliza-Grace aged 10

The stormy seas of romance
Are difficult to navigate,
The waves throw you about
Until you think you’ll break.

The stormy seas of romance
Have beauty in their waters,
Their undoubting love is held
Until someone falters.

The stormy seas of romance
Hold a precious gem of love.
They move in elegant circles
Until someone gives it up.

The stormy seas of romance
Are treacherous yet good,
And will give you good luck
If you love them like you should.

My Brother – a Tragic Love Story

by Charlottei aged 11

my brother is kind
my brother is nice
my brother really enjoys
banana and rice

my brother can be weird
and this is why
he’s in love with a balloon
that flies up in the sky

four years ago he
saw a balloon up above
and just like that
he fell in love

the balloon passed everyday
and every time he waved
my brother had turned a leaf
a new path had been paved

the balloon was pink and green
stripy with some spots
the background was lime green
with baby pink little dots

one day the balloon
met another in the clouds
my brothers heart broke
he was lost in the crowds

having a broken heart
my brother almost died
later his balloon burst
and he cried and cried

dear brother I am sorry
as you cry and look up at the moon
but rather than crying
just find a new balloon

Them/Him/The Boy

by Charlottei aged 11

see him at school
talking with a friend
how I wish this lesson
could never end

he’s not in the same set
I don’t see him loads
but at tutor time each morning
my heart explodes

there’s a pounding in my heart
a pounding in my ear
everyone sees me
but no one can hear

the voices I hear
that chirp and squeal
when he looks in my direction
I can’t describe how I feel

the secret almost got out
and I wanted to cry
I denied everything
because I know how to lie

our friendship was strange
after he almost found out
but him being him
was never in doubt

so after a week or two
it was no longer strange
he made it seem as though
there was not a single change

his heart is so pure
my hearts filled up to the brim
but because I’m a coward
I can’t tell him…


by Jane Edwards aged 17

are we wild, love
truly false to all that ties, tries to tuck us into
lawful pleats,
as a knot of brambles with thistles,
bristle twisting thorns entwined round fingers-
scratching great slices
of the sky’s pearly face
until rust russet blood spills into our black eyes,
nothing feral in being wild


by Charlottei aged 11

gives the best, best hugs
make me frustrated sometimes
but I still love her

Two Admirers

by Shannon Mayes aged 14

I sit and I lie
The boys next to me
Stare into my eyes
Admirers I can see

One is handsome
An athlete or a jock
They flirt and fail
Nerds he so rudely mocks

The other is nice
Buried in a book
I can see why
He is called the jock a crook

They both have talents
But there is one I must choose
They smile and pass
One I couldn’t possibly lose

The nerd, he does
Everything so great
I guess this is
The one and only Fate

Burning Love

by Connor aged 14

My heart is on fire
I must have you
You are my love forever
You are all I desire

Cupidity of love
I sing and I smile
Oh bring me your heart
So beautiful like a dove

I long for you
My heart burns for you
It catches on fire
I can’t wait another year or two

Come here baby
Hold my hand
Have a romantic dinner by the candlelight
A little tired maybe

True Love

by H.T.Y.FerFernando aged 14

True love is a feeling
This feeling can never end.
There energy is more powerful
It is like a universe
My love is over the hills,
over the trees,
over the bushes,
over the buildings,
more than the bridges
In the universe of true love
the feeling is worth it
Over the houses,
over the rivers
and there are more than live in fishes
True love is worth it
more than all the animals
that live in universe
and in my life
true love is worth it
True love never dies
True love never ends
This feeling is trustworthy .