by Laiba aged 10

Share a smile
Make someone laugh
Simple acts of kindness are spectacular

So this year, try and make someone’s day
Your reward will be seeing them being happy

Love is Worth It In The End

by Spring aged 10

There was a boy named Danny
He didn’t not like his mother
But all she cared about was all for her son
and about his education.
He always left without saying goodbye but..
His mother still loved him


by Ghita aged 10

Love is tragic
Love is pain
You love someone and they say that they also love you
but after a while, they move on
they leave you there sitting and weeping, all alone
while they continue.
Then after a while, they come back and say
that they made a big mistake and ask you to stay.
It’s the same pattern over and over
It tricks and then it’s all over.


by Ghita aged 10

You must love your mother for every day your living.
Because you must know that she helped you survive,
through the ups and the downs,
through the stormy and through the bright.
She brought you home and she helped you grow.
Always love your mother every day in life
because one day there will be no more light.

Love Your Family

by Megan aged 11

family I love
in the valley of love
it’s not for some time
it’s for throughout and so long
I oh so love my family so much
I will forever stay with them
because they are my true support

I’m Standing Here With a Broken Heart

by Olivia Matthews aged 10

I’m standing here with a broken heart
It kills me to say I’m still in love with you
It was like this from the begging of the start ,
I know I’m not the first, you’ve done this to a few.

Those around me think I’m alright
but I feel like it’s love in hell
I don’t have any strength to fight ,
but I know I’ve fell


by Chelsea aged 8

Love is weird
Love is good
When you fall for it
It will catch you like a dove
It is the time where we confess
The love from us
If you have a crush
Be yourself
If he or she was never loved
You want them
Take care of them
Pretend they are your family
And that is just.

Rivers of Wildlife

by Xindi Huang aged 11

Wildlife is a river,
Flowing hard with waves,
Bright with exposure,
Avoiding all caves.
Can you hear those roars?
Or maybe they are calls,
Or maybe they are whimpers –
Touch them with your souls.
They live in greater peace
Than we humans do
Fine, look at their teeth,
But isn’t that survival?
Why can’t you understand
Why can’t you care
The lack of greed they have
Is something we can’t bear
They are animals, they say,
Look at them: so uncivilised!
And yet they still:
Show us why we are here-
Show us what we are missing-
They show us what we are.
Wildlife cannot speak
So we shall do it for them.
We shall shout it!
Scream it!
Show me why we are here…

How to Bake a Cake (Snow Edition)

by Eva aged 9

How to bake a cake (snow edition)

Firstly, get your warm scarf, hat, gloves, so you don’t get cold.
Remember, to get a bowl.

Next, put your coat on. Get a spoon.

Put some flour into the wooden, pure bowl.
Then, get some trainers and get ready
to explore the beautiful, imaginative snow!
Walk outside, like a snow angel flying in the night sky,
like a fairy, not to be found.
Make a snow angel in the snow,
and imagine you are that snow angel
flying across the stars.

Stir it with your mixing bowl.
After that, make a snowman..

Your snowman is made.
Put the ingredients in.
Includes, butter, sugar, etc.

Put it in the oven for about 10 minutes.
You should play, while you’re waiting for that!!

You’re having fun in the snow and your cake is all made.

Enjoy your cake!

Me, Just Me…

by Jamaal aged 16

I’m so numb,
I can’t feel you,
I’m so dumb,
I can’t think for myself.

I’m tired of being what you want me to be,
Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface,
DONT know what you expect from me,
I’m just another guy, hating the bliss.