Our Class with Mrs Summers

by Class 5 aged 6-7

There’s Olly, James, Faye, Emma,
Jasper, Lola, Lilly, Samuel, August
Harley, Hannah, Aaron, Nathan,Nelly,
Nick, Jayla, William, Eliott,
Kiera, Xander, Omio, Opal! B
ut don’t forget our wonderful teacher!
Mrs Summers!

My Little Wish

by Swannya aged 6

I wish I was made
I wish, I was not
Oh, the little wish will come true or not
Oh, little wish come on, come on
My little friends and I are waiting
all night for you
Come quick little wish
Just tonight
I wish that I had
“A little bike”

The Sun

by Abdulahi Mohamed aged 4-5

the sun

how I feel it go sister

Oh I love the sun

In My Beautiful Garden

by Nathan aged 6

In my beautiful garden I saw…
Slimy slugs eating plants
Lush grass waving in the wind
Cute birds flying in the sky
Buzzy bees drinking honey from flowers
Scary spiders making webs
I love being in my garden.


by Ava Paton aged 11

I’m stuck in my home,
Head stuck in my phone,
And I don’t have a garden to play.

My pantrey’s full,
So’s my lav paper roll,
And no one can come and play.

All this stuff on the telly,
It’s making me jelly.
Why can’t they all just shush up?!

I can’t go to school,
Or to the pool,
Or play around at the park.

I always stay clean,
Wash my hands till they GLEAM,
I want to see all of my friends.

I can’t go big shopping,
Only a pop-in,
I think I’ll write poems instead.

World Book Day

by Anayah Khan aged 6

I love World book Day,
because sometimes I could play.

I like to cosplay dress up,
and drink some water in a cup.

I want to go to Mars,
to be an Astronaut.

Sven is so funny,
when the sun is so sunny.

Olaf is a snowman,
he doesn’t know any plan.

Rapunzel has a long hair
bigger than a grizzly bear.

I love both fiction and nonfiction,
reading together with perfection.

My mind is so sharp and my heart plays like a harp.
This is the reason for the love of my story part.

Gingerbread Man

by Hrishi aged 5

There is a gingerbread man
lives in gingerbread house
plays with a gingerbread butterfly
When the gingerbread mom says
“Time to eat”
he eats some chilli flakes

Jurassic World

by Louie aged 6

At Jurassic world
we have many different dinosaurs:
The scary T-rex, Triceratops, stegosaurus and a diplodocus.
So come to Jurassic World now!!

The Little Bird

by Anayah Khan aged 6

The little bird played on the shrub,
then he went to the swimming club.
He always slept on the couch
with his wide open mouth.
He liked to eat sunflower seeds
with his friends, the yummiest treats.
The little bird enjoyed the dance
and pranced in the street of France.

My Sister

by Charlotte Raven aged 5

I have a sister
Her name is Harriet
She is nine
I love her