Carry Me Away

Carry Me Away

Carry Me Away by Matt Goodfellow Matador

I just really, really love the poems in this book. Matt’s is a fresh, young and welcome new voice to children’s poetry. He reminds me a bit of Roger Stevens in the way he expertly blends funny and fun with serious and sometimes sad. He uses many different formats with ease and covers a wide range of subjects. He has a light touch. He’s simply very good. The illustrations by Sue Hardy-Dawson are delightful, too. TUC

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  • Asia

    Hio i’m Asia and Matt Goodfellow is also my teacher as well as a poet he is so amazing and funny he always tells the class about his poems and he even makes actions to them i’m so proud of him well done

  • Chiamaka

    Hi Matt I loved your review it was good and funny. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  • Evie G

    Matt you came to Neston Primary School right? you were really funny and great!

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