Scooby’s Paw

by Ishaan Singh Sarna aged 13

Winning Poem

Uncle Ben,
Brought you home with him
under his arms.
Your tongue lolling out,
and your eyes wide open
discovering a new place.
When he let you out of his arms,
you came to me,
as if you had known me for years.

We grew up,
laughed, together:
paw in hand.

When even my shadow left me,
when my soul poisoned my thoughts,
when I held a grudge against smiling,
when happiness was just a word for me;
then you gently
placed your furry paw on my hand,
and sighed sadly
as if you felt that pain.

Now that you’ve left me, alone:
I feel lonely in this cruel world
And this sphere of greedy people.

My room and my thoughts
redolent with your

I wish you could come back, so that
I had someone to share all my secrets with
Without the fear of being judged;
So that, I had someone who would
always be there for me.

I miss tottering with you,
Tumbling with you
and doing the fox poo.
I miss gripping you,
hugging you,
cuddling with you.

Now that I wouldn’t have
to coax me,
I will relentlessly miss


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