I like…

by Rosalind and Sophia aged 9

I like Summer…
As scorching as the sun,
As refreshing as a slushie,
As adventurous as rock climbing,
As sweet as strawberries,
As breathtaking as snorkeling,
As temperate as a hot tub,
As relaxing as a sauna,
As shocking as a shark,
As surprising as a scorpion.

As embarrassing as hula-dancing!
As dainty as the wind,
As delicious as chocolate,
As pleasurable as swimming,
As squishy as a rubber ring,
As enjoyable as reading,
As expressive as karaoke!
As calm as the sea,
As jewel-bright as a paddling pool,
As fine as sand,
As heart-pounding as a wasp,

Summer is for me!

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