Life of an Orphan

by Fathima aged 13

I look outside and see
so many joyful children
who go to school
with a smile on their face
and with plaited hair.

But I have no one
I am all alone
crying with an empty stomach.
Everyone around me is so happy
but not me…

If you think the world
is full of joyful people
then you are wrong
You are absolutely wrong

I wish I could go to school
with a bag on my back.
I wish to read books.
I, too, wish to have fun
with my friends

I, too, want to wear uniforms
and have toys to play with.
I wish to have a magnificent house.
But my dreams never come true.
Never, ever in my life.

I want to taste cakes and sweets.
I hate living in a slum.
If everyone is equal
why not me?
Why can’t you spare a coin for me?
Why am I not equal?


4 Responses to “Life of an Orphan”

  • Roger Stevens

    Hi Fathima. Please don’t write your poems in capital letters. I have to re-type them. It also means that you can’t use capitals for names or for emphasis, and looks like you’re shouting. I like your work though – so DO keep sending poems.


      ok thanks sir for the feedback. i have also written some other poems. i have sended you a mail pls check it sir

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