A Life Lesson

by Harit Gangwani aged 13

Going towards the future, withering away from the past
Oh, there is so much of a contrast.
Those memories linger around
The first seashell I found.

It is so complex,
The maths of our life.
The moment we let go of joy,
And find it tough to strive.

The people whom we once met,
The people who mattered
Leaving them to go out there and earn
Not letting our dreams be shattered.

But why live so far
From people close to you?
Just to fill up your pockets
Instead of soothing your tired heart too

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  • Praniti

    Hi…you also had to come here?
    it is good to see you here, Barney!
    Nice work, dinosaur! Seriously!
    Barney is a dinosaur :)

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