by Aditi Jain

Sad emotions moist eyes
Coz missing a person who is my life
My fighting partner who is a gangster
My crime partner that back bencher
My bench partner that snatcher
Who stole my things much faster
From holding hands in the ground
To punching a face in the crowd
Dreaming together looking at the clouds
And then proudly laughing out loud
The shoulder I used to sleep on
Is now what I am craving for
Coz unfortunately she is on her way
But for which I have to walk a thousand miles
That eye contact and smiles
Those epic jokes in my mind
Those bunking places we used to find
We were so lit & kind
My biggest support indeed
She is the purest soul whom i still believe
And a list of haters lead
Who don’t understand our insanity
People say we were slayers
And the attitude is still famous
She is still my best friend, my everything
Yes you heard right, my everything
Its lame but she’s still stunning
The reason for my smiling

Everything Changed !

by Aditi Jain

Its been 1 year 3 months 1 week & 10 mins
Since we last talked properly
Oh yes ! I do remember
Each and everything
The fun, the laughs, the memories
The time spent with you! Priceless
I wish those good days could return
Remember how we met
I was a new admission in prep
Lonely and alone with no friends
When teacher asked for my friends
You raised your hand so high
That I wished our friendship
Would also be so high.
Remember how we used to share tiffins?
And then in middle school how we
Shared our secrets.
Every day of this 9 year journey
Made me learn something .
I learnt to be me, to be what I want
To act as I want
Thanks to you, my dear friend
For making me who I am
Words can hardly describe
Our memories, our stupid laughs
Our inside jokes
But unfortunately the never-ending list
Has come to an end
The end from where
We will start a new beginning .
You taught me so much
And forgot to teach me how to love myself
Coz I loved you and needed no one else to love
Teach me please


by Jackson Henningsgard

The poodle down the street is my bae.
I try to see her every day.
I rise from bed and bark at the door.
My mom says, “C’mon it’s only four.”
I run outside to find that it’s dark.
I turn back to the door and I just start to bark.
I have a stripe down the middle, makes me look like a skunk.
I kind of wish I had a little doggy bed bunk.
I am and old pupper, I cannot hear.
I still like to scare those pesky, big deer.
I am 16, my whiskers are gray.
I still enjoy cuddles, every day.
I love small strokes, on my nice curly tail.
My price tag read, “50 bucks. On sale!”
I fall asleep, in my small red bed.
I wake to a flatted, side of my head.
I have a blue shock collar, it is a new thing.
If I wander too far, I get a small zing.
I do not have thumbs, it is kind of sad.
But I never do hear “Bad Dog, Bad.”
I do remember Jackson, as just a small tot.
My humans are everything, I love them a lot.

Down Memory Lane

by Aditi Jain

I knew we were done
Yes we had enough
You were on my path
I was on mine
Waited for the paths to cross
Hoped to meet again
I saw our paths intersecting
But turned I knew
You would blame me
For all of your pain
You wouldn’t look into my eyes
See the fear of making new friends
You had pushed me away
Hoping that I would run after you
I had lost all my senses
And no one was there to pick me up
Forgetting this I ran back to you
Hoping that you would hug me
Talk to me and love me the same way
Unfortunately our friendship had changed
Everything had changed
I saw you laughing with someone else
The same way we used to
Memories trembled down my spine
Tears rolled down my cheeks
I stood there for hours motionless
Taking a journey down memory lane

Dear Papa

by Baraka Adaodat Juliette

Don’t you ever come near me, or even near my family…

You Can, I Can

by Baraka Adaodat Juliette

This is to all who said I can’t,
You were right, I can’t stand losing,
You were right, I can’t be as I was yesterday,
You were right, I can’t be the same as the rest,
But I have been me all along.

My mama taught me to respect all,
I also learned to respect all those who respect themselves,
But I can’t respect those who don’t respect,
I’m me, me, me that respects God, my country, myself and those who respect me.

I don’t need you to understand me, but let me be me,
This is time I have to stop contemplating my past,
Wait a minute there is something I need to tell y’all,
I don’t try I do, I don’t care.

Love’s Reality

by Teejay Johnson

It’s crazy how one person can change your life,
That’s the thing about love
At first, everything about it seems to make sense
But the deeper you get the more you realise
you don’t know anything at all.
Love teaches you,
love changes you.
Love makes you do things you never thought you could do,
It can bring out the best in us,
or the worse.
Love can destroy you.
I’m yet to get my head around it,
or make it back to reality,
but some people never try to escape,
they just can’t let go of their fantasies.


by Tom Smart

Scary costumes that children wear,
Out at night they’ll give you a fright,
Tonight’s the night where children go out with their friends trick or treating,
Beware, they will give you a scare.


by Baraka Adaodat Juliette

To all those asking for violence, you will have to look elsewhere,
Because we youths of today have decided to make a change,
We need no money to cause violence, burn houses, kill people,
If that money will make me lose my brother, I say NO.

I need not think about violence, racism, rich or poor,
God made you and I out of peace, why should you cause violence?
I don’t care if you are black, white or yellow,
We will still be together, NO – I won’t accept violence.

But as long as we wear white to weddings and black to funerals,
As long as we believe that white is holy and black is sin,
As long as we believe that no black shall lead a white…
If you don’t love peace, definitely you will love a piece of violence.


A Life Lesson

by Harit Gangwani

Going towards the future, withering away from the past
Oh, there is so much of a contrast.
Those memories linger around
The first seashell I found.

It is so complex,
The maths of our life.
The moment we let go of joy,
And find it tough to strive.

The people whom we once met,
The people who mattered
Leaving them to go out there and earn
Not letting our dreams be shattered.

But why live so far
From people close to you?
Just to fill up your pockets
Instead of soothing your tired heart too