Barbed Wire

by Isla del Carmen

Metal twisted
nails upond nails
rusty wire traps you at war
with all that pain and blood
How do I get free?

All I Ask of You

by Sam Rozenberg

People believe that you are different,
If you aren’t the stereotypical woman or man.
Woman have to be shorter than their husband,
And have to make sure dinner is cooked when the man comes home.
The man, he has to be tough and tall.
He has to protect the woman and provide for his kids.

Then the list continues of different things.
You are counted as “weird” if you are Asian, African American, Jewish, etc.
You are counted weird if you’re not perfect.
In my eyes, we are all the same.
This isn’t 1950 anymore.
The stereotypes need to go away.

In my hazelish eyes,
I believe we are all beautiful and the same.
I don’t care who or what you are.
We are all the same.

I don’t care how you define yourself.
No matter what, I accept you.
We are all the same.

I don’t care if you are short or tall.
I don’t care if you’re white, black, or tan.
Honestly, I love that you’re so-called “different.”
It means, I can make unique friends,
Friends who aren’t afraid of being confident in themselves.

I am willing to be friends with anybody who will do one simple task;
Just accept me for who I am.
That’s all I ask of you.

Life of a Poor Man

by Fathima

I sit by the road
But I am always being ignored.
I always ask for something
But I get nothing.

Will this slum never change
Before I die?
Will I get a chance
To see my chidren,
With a better future?

I feel so dull,
I see the birds
Who fly away,
I see small girls
Who go to school.

My home is so smelly
And so unclean
And full of dust,
Everything is rotten and rusty.

I have nothing to eat,
Nothing new to wear,
And nowhere to go.

When will my life change
Into a luxurious life?
But living as a poor man is better,
For if I am rich
I shall be greedy for more and more,
and shall never be satisfied

Every man shall not be satisfied for ever,
For life is not a bed of roses
But of thorns!

Four Legs

by Amanda Edwards

Four legs but not a hurtful soul
Making their owner happy is their only goal
The do many cute things like roll
Not a type that likes control
They enjoy going out back and digging holes
And come back charcoal
They find tons of enjoyment in a stroll
After a couple weeks they will be attached like a thole
They get distracted by a mole
You can make their hearts whole
Especially… if you fill their bowl

The One

by Anglica Reyna

Roses are red,
Violets are blue…

Moving On

by Annabelle

Memories of Barbies are fading,
Old broken dolls at the bottom of my cupboard,
Valuable experiences forgotten,
Imaginary pets lost,
New friends discovered,
Goals met,
Opening doors towards the future,
Numerous opportunities ahead.


by Stephen Holmes

On a trampoline
I like to bounce
Up high
Down low
Front drops
Full twists
On a trampoline
Is where I love to be

A Dog

by Rosie

A dog went up to a man
and said to the man
I don’t like you
and the man said to the dog
I don’t like you either
The man went home
and the dog went home too

Heartbroken Child

by Marissa

I sit by the water
Examining the sea
I dance with the waves
And I think about me
How you tear me apart
And laugh at my burns
I don’t ever want to hear those words
You bruise me and hurt me
My heart is on fire
Manipulating happiness
To hateful desire
I take a deep breath
I go out in the wild
Singing the song
Of a Heartbroken Child


by Nesha