Like a Rainbow in the Sky

by Victoria Stasiv

Sometimes it seems to me a lot
It’s like a story with a plot.
Like a rainbow in the sky
Efforts are made. It seems we can fly.

Bon Appetit

by Victoria Stasiv

Always say Bon appetit!
To all people when they eat
Or just say Enjoy your meal!
And it’ll show them how you feel.


by Victoria Stasiv

Listen to me my dear mate:
“Don’t go to bed very late!
Night is time for a rest
‘Cause tomorrow you have a test.”

A Parrot

by Victoria Stasiv

When I enjoyed a cup of tea
I saw my parrot watching me.
I caught a sad look on his face
He said, “I broke your yellow vase.”

A Football Player

by Victoria Stasiv

A football player called Paul
Spent hours playing with his ball.
He’s won a prize with his team
And it wasn’t a dream
That clever footballer called Paul

The Ocean

by Ishaan Singh Sarna

It’s funny how – when
you took me to the ocean,
on a sunny day
promising me that
you’d be there.
But when the sun stopped
and the horizon was dark
and the tides were coming closer
and closer;
you pretended
that we were strangers,
that we never knew each other,
and you left me, alone –
on the muddy ground,
close to the heavy tides,
that were coming to me
like I was their prey.

Though, you always knew
water made me feel jittery,
the tides made my bones tremble.
It was almost midnight,
uncountable stars shining
in the night sky;
I almost saved myself from getting
from the big tide.

The night birds
sang lullabies for
the palm trees and the sand.
The lullaby so sweet,
an eye open gazing at the stars
and a broken heart went to sleep.

You gave me such beautiful memories
and some
dreadful ones.
You lied, cheated and damaged my
But gave me a lifelong lesson,
of emotions and feelings.

The sun rose,
and another day begun;
a new beginning with fresh dew
on the leaves.
As I stretch my arms
and rub my eyes,
I see a couple of unfamiliar people
walking towards me;
I crawl down the wet sand,
in order to get away from them,
but they follow me throughout –
until I get to the end of
the bay.
They give me a hand
I accept it and afterwards
realise they’re the
sent by God.

A few years later –
when I groove with them,
and roam through the streets of
and swim in the lagoons of
I suddenly think of you,
and realise how terrible and fake
a person can be;
but something pinches me
from inside
and I message you.
It’s been two hours since you’ve read
that message and ignored it;
and put me at fault,
when I was the one who was tortured,
who was humiliated,
who was made to laugh at my own
But then my pride kicks in,
and I carry on
without even thinking about you.
Because these people
but you discouraged;
These people
are the reason why I’m not scared
of the dark blue ocean today,
but you were the reason why I
hesitated to even go near it.

Now I can’t decide
you were my life or
a life lesson.

The Old Times

by Ishaan Singh Sarna

Sitting idle,
sipping some coffee
& enjoying the beautiful scenery,
I suddenly thought of
you and the old days;
do you remember the days when we
walked together, hand in hand
promising each other that
this bond will never break,
promising each other that
we both will always be there for
each other;
do you remember the days when others
wished that they could have
a bond somewhat
like ours?

but now, everything’s changed;
we act like strangers,
walking past each other
locking sight
but with a locked mouth,
our inner soul
tells us not to even exchange a
though, deep inside us
we wish to speak to each other,
share the latest news,
like we did a few years ago.

I wish,
that the old times could come back:
I wish I could cry on your shoulder,
I wish I could exchange secrets,
I wish we could gossip about people,
I wish this bridge is built all over

i wish.


by Lena

we ask ourselves questions all the time,
some have easy answers,
not so much.
what’s 3+6?
who am I ?
am I straight/gay/bisexual/transgender,
some people know,
others don’t,
I don’t,
maybe you do.

Life (sad teen poem)

by Aradhna

Why is there life?
I tried to end life
I tried it with a knife
People tell me I am stupid for it
There is no one who loves me
I don’t wanna be, I want to drown in the sea
So I can die soon, I will be with the moon
My life is getting bad, I know you would feel sad
Life is not fun, I always burn in the sun
But if I die how about my son Troy?
I won’t die now, I don’t know how?
I will live again, thanks again


by Aradhna

My day
is ash gray
the night is too long
the words are wrong
there is nothing good to say

As I lay down to rest
no dreams come
it’s for the best

Daylight comes, boredom too
why must I bother to get up so soon
Could this be a better day?