The Number of Love

by Elsie aged 12

1 is the friendship between us,
2 is the cherry on top,
3 is the twinkle in your eyes,
4 is the kindness in your heart,
5 is your smile that makes me happy,
6 is deep,
7 is now amazing you are,
8 is so sweet,
9 is so dreamy,
10 is LOVE

I Love Him

by Elsie aged 12

His eyes are dreamy,
Dreamy Blue,
He is always cheerful and happy,
He is kind, caring and positive,
He loves puppies,
His voice sounds smooth and calming,
He always makes me smile when I am glum,
Sticking up for me,
I love him


by Martha Ward and Anabel aged 10 and 8

I love my sister,
she is the best .
she is nothing like all of the rest.

My Dream Boyfriend

by Elsie aged 12

I like drawing, he likes it too
I like to talk – him too
He likes music, I like it
He likes Puppies – I think they’re cute
His eyes are dreamy
He is happy and smily
He likes writing – me too,
He cares about me,
I care about him,
My dream boyfriend.

Newborn Babysister

by Harmony aged 12

There’s a girl called Sky
She’s bright and beautiful
She’s loving and entertaining
An elegant person
She shows endurance to me a lot

Where We Meet

by Hannah aged 11

Under a tree
On a bridge
What will we see?

Birds flying high,
Or ducks with heads in water
Don’t they make you cry?

While emotions drown you,
I will pull you up
And let you soar, I will do

Will we meet secretly
Or in public?
You chose. This moment has grown in rarity

From Hannah
PS I was really bored
so I decided to write this in two minutes

I Said…

by Tisharn aged 10

I said
I said you
I said you are
I said you are beautiful
I said you are beautiful and
I said you are beautiful and I
I said you are beautiful and I also
I said you are beautiful and I also said
I said you are beautiful and I also said I
I said you are beautiful and I also said I LOVE
Issue you are beautiful and I also said I LOVE YOU

Roses are Red

by Ciennah aged 9

Roses are read violets are blue
When I smell perfume
It smells
Like you.


by Laoise aged 11

I was sitting in my driveway watching the snow fall
When I first saw you, your soft pale face, your bright blue eyes and your smooth silky hair
I looked at you, you looked back and then I knew we were meant to be, it was just you and me dancing in the crystal snow in the moonlight.

Fire and Water

by Elsie aged 12

There was a boy who loved a girl,

that girl loved the boy,

they were never allowed to see each other,

speak to each other,

touch each other,

the consequence was bad,

the consequence was,

water (the girl) would make fire glum,

she would put out the flames of the boy’s heart,

they would be upset

and the love in their hearts wouldn’t restart,

glum they would be forever and on,

trying to restart the love in each other’s heart,

forever and on…