Shadows of Happiness

by Deidra aged 16

Consider a broken heart without
A fairy-tale. Without scars from the past.
Without roaring whispers of deep regret.
Life’s dark touch gives nightmares to fleeting souls.
No fading promises nor memories
Of spinning with no balance. No falling
For the shy eyes of a silent stranger.
Hopeless dreamers dance under starry nights,
Waiting for stardust to open their eyes.
But like fallen petals their light will fade.
Leaving one with no memory of light.
Reminded by the steady flow of time.
Darkness follows everything bright.
Broken hearts are caused by happy endings.

Our Love Will Never End

by Marielle Pollard aged 11

Our love will never end,
round the corner,
round the bend.
Our love will never die,
not even your sickly sweet smell of apple pie.
Our love will never stop,
even if we eat to much and our tummies pop!
Our love will never sleep,
always be treasured in our minds, deeper than deep.
Our love will always last,
with our dainty hearts beating faster than fast!


by Daisy Woods aged 10

Love is an emotion
It’s how I feel about you,
It’s a warm, fuzzy feeling,
Which makes me crazy too.
I fall into a trance
Whenever I see you
Just one dance
For me, that would do.


by Siena Brinded aged 7

Flowers are red
Flowers are blue
Flowers are beautiful
JUST like you


by Anon aged 13

Love is patient, love is pure
Use it wisely for it’s the cure,
Don’t be nervous, don’t be shy
Just bake your feelings into a sweet pie.

When you see your love so true
Your grey sky’s will start to go blue,
Your love will hold me up
With you I never get stuck.

Love is patient, love is pure
Use it wisely for it’s the cure
The Love poem.


by Jewel aged 14

It ain’t my fault
you keep turning
me on
It ain’t my fault
you got me feeling
so strong
JOE from england love you baby booboo love kisses


by Erin Short aged 10

Love is like a flower,
Pick the right flower,
If you were a flower
I would pick you!!!!!!!


by Zuzanna Nowak aged 11

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one you see
V is very very extraordinary
E is for all the emotions I feel for you

the emotion I feel for you

In Love

by Harshita Das aged 13

Falling in love should be good
My heart should feel like soaring
Thoughts consumed in love
With passion I should be roaring

Yet I remain silent and brooding
I’ve fallen in love; but it will leave me soon
This wonderful everlasting feeling is tainted
By the quiet dread that prevents my swoon

I’ve fallen in love with control
I love the silence when I read and write
Love it so much, I forget the world
When your words give me unwanted sight

I can’t blame you; but I resent you
For tainting the little time I’ve left with what I love
For your constant nagging, reminding me of the things I hate
Of the things that’ll pull me apart from the silence I crave

Just Friends

by Harshita Das aged 13

You came to me weeping for me to take you in my arms
I loved your smile, your snort, your eyes, your charms
We looked away, our eyes never open enough
Now to be just friends is more than just tough

Because you play the victim as you bat your eyes
I mourn and brood and sulk which confirms your lies
Perhaps you believe it, it helps you sleep at night
But I’m under no illusions; it’s not about who is right