by Mail aged 13

love is everywhere
your parents love you
your family loves you
your friends love you
everyone loves you

Love in Words

by Sophie aged 11

Life is weird,
To be honest, we’re all a bit weird,
Now, here’s the thing,
If you are lucky,
Very lucky,
You will find someone,
Someone whose weirdness is compatible with yours,
It is called love.


by Ayse aged 9

I get a quiver of nerve
a blush in the pretty face
OMG I’m going on a date

Roses are Red

by Natalia aged 11

Roses are red
and violets are blue
Can you come to school
with me


by Lilly B aged 10

Love is magic as magic as can be,
Obey the rules and you can win,
Very tempting isn’t it?
End of the story, hope you win


by Elsie aged 12

I’d walk around the lake remembering,
Reliving memories of fun and sadness.
I’d walk through the park,
Remembering the sounds we heard.
I’d sit on the bench,
Closing my eyes,
Imagining you were near.
From the day you moved away,
It’s like a part of me isn’t here.

As My Dreams Come True

by David P Carroll aged 19

I dream of holding you
Forever my sweetheart
Thinking about
You throughout​ the day
Forever my sweetheart
I remember my happiness
The day you truly
Came into my life
Was the
The day you became my wife,

My dreams all coming true
But asleep next to you
Is my dream come true
Having you in my life
Is forever happiness
As your truly my wife,
To be together forever
Is true love Sweetheart
But to whisper
Every night to you,

I truly love you is
My forever dream come true…


by Millie aged 8

Boyfriends are sweet
but a bit irritating at school
sometimes they are special
and sometimes they are cool