Solar Eclipses

by Iliana aged 10

A Solar Eclipse isn’t just a time in space, the sun and moon meet,
The grace in the movements as they approach each other,
The moment as one meets another,
The event of a solar system celebrating as Sun and Moon reunite.
It’s too great to just be nothing.

The Sun was the giver of light,
So generous, so warm.
The Moon was ever so lonely,
Just a rocky surface with circular craters…
But fate pulled them together,
And the first Solar Eclipse was born,
Life could never be so sweet.

And ever since then,
After all of these wondering years,
The Sun and Moon still unite,
The Sun was still the same glowing radiance as before,
And still the warm-hearted, alluring beam of light
The Moon however, didn’t feel as alone,
As the Sun stained him with her shine,
And warmed his heart forever.

So tell me,
Is a Solar Eclipse just a moment in life where it’s worth looking into the sky?
Or is it a reunion, a celebration, and a love story in one?
Is this what love feels like?
Maybe it’s just space,
Or perhaps it’s something more,
The look of adoration,
The start of a friendship,
And love beyond infinity.

First Love

by Amy aged 10

I look at him
I smiled at him
He was sitting all so dim
he looked so peaceful
He looked so mindful
And that’s the way it can be

True Love

by Erin Jones aged 10

Alone on the hill,
Such a cold hill.
Am I alone on the hill?
I look behind me,
Who’s there.
He’s there
The only one for me


by Erin Jones aged 10

It’s a new school,
Walking into this school.
Seems like a cool school,
Will I make friends at this school?
Now I’m in middle school,
I know I’ll love this school.

Was It All a Dream?

by Name please. aged 11

I sat on the bench,
and looked down at my feet.
I looked around,
and watched all the other kids playing.
I was sad and alone
but that was all going to change.
My crush came from behind me,
his eyes met mine,
he stood above me,
and he cupped my face in his hands.
he bent his head,
and his long brown hair tickled my face,
as his lips pressed to mine,
I placed my hand on his cheek.
I wasn’t sure if it was real,
I wasn’t sure if it was a dream,
but I knew that it was perfect,
but was it all a dream?

Kissed by my Crush!

by Kisser aged 12

In his bedroom,
Watching him play his game.
I ran my hand through his soft hair.

He stopped playing,
And looked at me,
Then took me by surprise.

He tilted my head back,
HIs forward,
And kissed me on the lips.

How long we stayed there,
I do not know,nor care.
It felt so good,
And I’ll never forget,
The feel of that kiss.

My Love (a Real Story)

by Lover aged 14

Standing on a mountain cold and alone.
The whole mountain is covered with snow.
I accidentally dropped my jacket.
I felt like my hands were frozen.
Until I heard footsteps approaching.
I got scared and more scared.
I looked beside me and my crush was there.
I looked behind my crush and he was holding a flower.
He gave to flower to me.
Me not noticing that my crush has a crush on me.
He comes closer and closer but he says “no” and he calls someone.
Upon me comes a helicopter.
The people in the helicopter put down a rope.
Me and my crush hold to rope and ascend into the helicopter.
When the people in the helicopter put us down to land my crush called someone else.
Then a taxi comes and takes us somewhere.
When I get out of the taxi in front of me there was a beautiful house.
Sooooo beautiful that it is like a palace.
My crush tells that it is his house.
Then he leads me inside.
To the most beautiful room in the house
Then I just stand in the most beautiful room in the house.
Now my crush comes closer
and closer and closer until….


by Charlottei aged 10

soft brown earth
crumbly soil
pushed over with a shovel
so it wouldn’t spoil

a single seed
planted deep within
the plant started off
rather thin

then over some weeks
with water and light
the plant looked
quite a sight

a pink flower
with patches of red
orange pollen
and a hanging head

pretty in the sun
snug at night
the pink flower
was very bright

then more months
and covered with bees
good weather and
a light breeze

the plant shared its seeds
all over the ground
and the metamorphosis
went once more round

The Rose

by Rabbit Girl aged 11

When we stand upon the hill,
the wind blows through your hair,
you turn to me and smile,
you don’t have a care,
The most beautiful person I know,
is standing right beside me,
you take my hand in yours,
and put your arm around me.
When your eyes lock on mine,
I know it’s the rose,
the rose that you put in my hair,
the one that bought us together,
the one that made my heart glow,
the one that put a smile on your face,
the one that gave me courage,
the one that will stay forever…

Love Can’t Be Ignored

by Happy Girl aged 10

True love can’t be ignored
hear it out, listen for it
find your soulmate with glee
you might meet them at the sea
or the park
There are days you wanna ignore
but remember them
you will find your love eventually