Love You

by Jeff aged 11


I lo

I lov

I love

I love y

I love yo

I love you

Every Night

by Alizah aged 11

Every night
I think of them
Every night
I love them
Every night
I wonder
If every night
They love me


by Jazmine Jewer aged 11

I l
I lo
I lov
I love
I love y
I love yo
I love you


by Roshini Chakkravarthi aged 10

We will stay

We will
Shine like a

Our hope will
Guide us through
Our sorrows

We will stick together

We will stay

Oh! My Dear Father

by Aditi Vishwanath aged 13

Right from my birth, I laid within your safe hands,
you gave me care and protection, just what I needed.

When I was hemmed in, you taught me to be bold,
to say ‘No’ to what is wrong,
and to support what is right.

When I laid sick in the bed,
you brought me dinner
and asked me if I felt better,
and fed me with your loving hands.

When I studied for long hours,
you told me ‘It’s enough’, with concern
You said ‘It’s stressful’
and told me to get refreshed.

You taught me what is wrong,
and what is right,
you told me about society, and how to act towards it.

Oh! My dear father,
what haven’t you done
to keep me safe and joyous?
There are endless words to describe you,
but for sure, I do salute you.

The Picture Of Fate

by Daisy Tinsley aged 12

My tears fell on the world I thought she owned,
For I received the letter,
The letter of a fallen soldier,
The letter of fate,
And the letter of fear.
For my Ma has failed her destiny,
She failed the terrible test,
Gunshots were fired,
Screams were heard,
I’ll always remember you my mother,
Your soft gentle touch,
Your beautiful voice,
You sang your song,
You lived your life,
Now, its my turn

The Number of Love

by Elsie aged 12

1 is the friendship between us,
2 is the cherry on top,
3 is the twinkle in your eyes,
4 is the kindness in your heart,
5 is your smile that makes me happy,
6 is deep,
7 is now amazing you are,
8 is so sweet,
9 is so dreamy,
10 is LOVE

I Love Him

by Elsie aged 12

His eyes are dreamy,
Dreamy Blue,
He is always cheerful and happy,
He is kind, caring and positive,
He loves puppies,
His voice sounds smooth and calming,
He always makes me smile when I am glum,
Sticking up for me,
I love him


by Martha Ward and Anabel aged 10 and 8

I love my sister,
she is the best .
she is nothing like all of the rest.

My Dream Boyfriend

by Elsie aged 12

I like drawing, he likes it too
I like to talk – him too
He likes music, I like it
He likes Puppies – I think they’re cute
His eyes are dreamy
He is happy and smily
He likes writing – me too,
He cares about me,
I care about him,
My dream boyfriend.