My Fat Friend

by Sofia aged 7

My friend is extremely fat, she even
eats more then my cat
She’s even bigger then my step mum
If she eats any more, she will explode
If you see her you might want to watch out
She’s even bigger then the road right now
When I see her, I’m a little bit scared
and I’m not usually scared of anything

My Dad

by Brooke Macdonald aged 8

My dad is so bad
My mum has a blue bag
My sister has a big blister
My cat is so fat


by Sophia aged 4

I love toys and I love to play with them
I love my friend’s birthday toy
I love to play with Lyra and the ponies
I hope you like it
Do not press read more

You pressed read more
I like you
because you pressed read more

Our Cats

by Tyler aged 7

Our cats are hungry
They are young and fat
They healthy all day long


by Kelsey Wellard aged 6

All I can see
Is only the thing
That speaks to me.
It sings
With the loudest of voices
Showing me
The things I could never imagine


by Nikolas aged 7

Cry, cry, cry
Why can’t I fly?
Be shy not to cry.

Little Creatures

by Kaia aged 6

Creatures are little, like a beetle
Some lose their tales and grow them back by magic
some are black and some are pink
some have the colours of the rainbow
some are slow and some are fast
some are scary, some are cute
millipedes and centipedes galore
creatures are little, like beetles.

Wriggle and Crawl

by Kaia aged 6

Insects are small
don’t be scared of them at all
they will be scared of you even more
because you are big and tall

Some are skinny
some are small
some are creepy scary balls
some are fat and funny
Little insects are really small
like jelly beans

The Falling Car

by Sherdil Asif aged 4 and a half

There was a car,
It wasn’t going in the drain,
It was falling down,
It disappeared,
The gardener then recovered the car,
It was then going on the road,
Then in the house,
Then the petrol pump,
Then to the shopping mall,
It went far, far away from me,
Into the sky,
Then it fell down again,
One lamb was coming,
The car fell on the lamb,
The lamb was on fire,
The lamb cried,
The car was surprised!
The car could not find its home,
The car turned and turned,
And the car was happily lost!


by Kaia aged 6

Lollipop, Lollipop where are you?
Are you here or are you there?
Where is that Lollipop?
I think he is over there

Lollipop, Lollipop are you in here
or are you in there?
Where is he then? I will call the mayor
Here I am! Here I am! Right over here.