My Hat Is Old

by Mary Wahbi aged 7

My hat is old, my teeth are gold
I have a bird I like to hold…


by Ava aged 7

Dust and dirt from the sky
Fall where the soldiers lie
In the thick mud
Where the soldiers stood
Wives and children lived in fear
Knowing that every year
Soldiers lay in Flanders fields
On the 11th of November
We remember the soldiers to fought in the war.

Poetry Zone

by Harry, Sophie and Roger aged 7, 9 and 108

The best site is this one
Just share out your ideas
And have some fun

Post comments too
Send your best poems
That’s all you have to do



by Bhrea aged 10

It was one sunny day
and people were at school enjoying themselves.
Some people have got bad friends.
Some people have got good friends.

Some people don’t care about other people,
they just laugh and make fun of them
Some people help other people
and are thoughtful to them.

If you see anybody alone
or upset
or being made fun of
stick up for them
even if you don’t like them

Don’t be shy, be brave

That was a poem about friends
Remember to always stick up for your friends
even if you don’t like them.

Big Cats

by Charlottei aged 7

The lion pounces
The leopard plays
The fishing cat fishes
In that very strange way

The cheetah sprints
The tiger eats
The lynx’s heart
Beats and beats

The snow leopard looks
For a female friend to love
The cheetah moves
As swiftly as a dove

Christmas Poem

by David aged 6

Christmas, Christmas,
it’s the best time of year
Christmas, Christmas,
it’s the best time of year
You get some fun
and that’s the best time
You’re having a family get together
Off to that sit on the chair and relax now
We could do the same thing tomorrow


by Tilly aged 6

Unicorns are pretty,
Unicorns like skipping,
Unicorns are pink,
Unicorns twinkle,
Unicorns horns are shiny,
Unicorns hooves are big,
Unicorns eyes sparkle.

Christmas Poem

by David aged 6

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas
Christmas, cool Christmas
is always the best day ever
because they give kids presents!


by Anika Rose Whiteley-Roberts aged 5

Eyes brown
Ears triangular
Fur thick
Nose black

A Monster

by Inuli Herath aged 6

This monster is hairy
with his smile so scary.
He lives in the woods
with his terrible goods.
Teeth sharp as a crocodile,
claws sharp as a lion.
He has fur thick as a fluffy feather
which protects him in a stormy weather.
When people see him, he gives them a fright.
I think that’s because his eyes are so bright.
He lives in a cave that’s dark and spooky.
His name is Atoo-rasa-ringo-uck-fly-crocodile!!!