by Ewan aged 9

On the train,
The smoke gets in your face,
You hear a whistle,
Your ears ring like mad,
The train echoes in the tunnel and it goes really dark,
You come to a halt,
Everyone’s off.
On the train.

Mrs Norman

by Jessica Lauren Ditch aged 7

Marvelous teacher
Remarkable at teaching
Splendid teacher

Never go away
Or we will miss you
Really good teaching
Mrs Norman
An outstanding singer
Never leave us

Teachers in the Staffroom

by Kiera Garrett aged 10

Do teachers turn into Aliens after three o’clock
or turn into the most ugliest one-eyed teachers of all time?
Do they turn into unicorns who poops out rainbows?
But I know one thing
They do lots and lots of eating
That’s why they are so plump


by Isla aged 9

Grandad is funny
Grandad is kind
Grandad is handsome
Grandad is silly
Grandad is the best


by Shreya Bhardwaj aged 6

Unicorns are beautiful and sweet
and sparkly and pink.
They live in the magic land where the fairies live.
They eat golden magic apples and drink chocolate milk
They run very fast with their unicorn horns on.

Hello World

by Lola aged 4

ma name is Jefforyyyyyyyyy

The Seaside

by Rowan aged 6

The Seaside I go to
The seaside I play at
I swim in the shady sea
I dig the golden sand up
The ice-cream makes me have a
Brain freeze!
The shiny shells make my eyes
Go all silver
The rock pools make me really excited
The fish I find
And the seagulls
The seagulls are
Really loud
The starfish are
Really pinky and shiny
Bye bye seaside
See you next time
See you another day.


by Lana Williams aged 8

Hands up
Hands down
Wave them all around
Like you are a clown.
It’s mean to play tricks
but that’s how clowns get their kicks.
Clowns aren’t scary
they are just silly and hairy.


by Rowan aged 6

I go to football
I watch football
The Stadium shines
On my football boots
He shoots!
He scores!
The goalie bends down
To save the ball
The ball really tickles his feet!
The cross bar challenge
Dribbling the ball,
Messi tricks the players
So that he can…

Bears and Hare

by Noureen K. Ajmal aged 6

We are in the fair.
A bear swallows a hare.
Hare’s hair tangles up,
But no problem.
There comes another hare,
And every hare gets swallowed.
Here comes another bear,
And the bear swallows the bear.
Bear’s tummy feels like rumbling.
It gets bigger and bigger.
And the bear inside the bear
Swallows the hare inside the bear.
That’s a very rare thing.
The bear’s tummy gets bigger and even bigger.
Bigger than any bear could have.
Suddenly, the bear’s tummy burst.
Here comes the hare,
Popping out of the mouth.
And everyone pops out
And the bear was dead
And hare became friends with bear!