What Has Santa Done!

by Ewan F aged 9

“I love Christmas!” Jimmy said
But instead of presents there was a mess
The tree had fallen over,
The plastic snowman was ripped,
Worst of all the stockings had been taken
Who could have done this?
Nobody knew
Was it a burglar
Or a naughty elf?
He couldn’t
It must have been
There’s only one possibility
It had to be SANTA CLAUS!

Helping Santa with his Gifts

by Pragun Pudukoli aged 12

Santa needs a helper.
To transport his gifts this year.
Please, please, let him choose me.
Please, please, let him choose me.
Yes! Thank you Santa for choosing me.
I sit in the sleigh with Santa.
Santa gives me a power.
The power to breathe at high altitudes.
Unfortunately, only for some time.
We have started going up.
Help! I may fall down.
Phew! That is better.
Now I am alright.
We go to London.
We deliver teddy bears, toys and more.
We go to Mumbai.
We deliver teddy bears, toys and more.
We go to Tokyo.
We deliver teddy bears, toys and more.
We go to New York.
We deliver teddy bears, toys and more.
We go to San Francisco.
We deliver teddy bears, toys and more.
And then, we go to Santa’s workshop.
That was one soft landing.
What’s with Around the World in 80 days?
When I went around the world in a night!


by Caitlin Paul aged 9

I love counting down to Christmas.
You get to open your advent calendar and see what you got.
It gets closer and closer to christmas.
You start to feel stuffed.
You eat a lot of chocolate.
But then it’s Christmas Eve.
You don’t need to wait much longer.
Only 7 hours to go.
Until you get all your presents.
I love advent.
Ho ho ho ho!!!

Is Christmas

by Jake Paul aged 7

Is Christmas when you get presents?
Is Christmas when you eat lots of chocolate?
Is Christmas when you see your family?
Is Christmas when Santa comes?
Christmas is…
When Jesus was born.

Is Christmas

by Caitlin Paul aged 9

Is Christmas a time that you spend with your family?
Is Christmas when you fill yourself up with roast dinner?
Is Christmas when you open up the presents that you have been waiting for all year?
Is Christmas a holy time?
Is Christmas a time when Santa comes?
Is Christmas a time you can’t sleep waiting for Santa to bring your presents?
Is Christmas a time when you go to church?
Is Christmas where you spread out lots of food?
Is Christmas when Santa comes down your chimney?
Does everyone get Christmas?
I love Christmas, it’s the best time of the year.

Ho Ho Ho

by Milly aged 7

Santa is coming

and you should be good

Or you will not get a present

if you’re bad


by Matilda Way aged 8

Before I melt
Come look at me
As beautiful as I can be
Look for me before I melt
And you will be the perfect snowman
Just for me
Crunch, crunch, crunch
Someone’s coming
Who will it be?
Maybe the perfect friend for me
When I melt I will say goodbye
And look at you from the sky
Bye bye

Do You Believe in Santa?

by Lucia aged 8

Do you believe in Santa?

If you do

everyone gets presents

If you don’t

you won’t get any presents

for Christmas


by Isla Willoughby aged 9

Winter is the best season
Winter is the time that it snows
Winter is cold and snowy
Winter is Christmas time
Winter is is really dark
Winter is where I stare at the Christmas tree
Winter is where I sit on the sofa
Winter is where I watch Christmas movies
Winter is where I snuggle up
I love Winter

Mum, You Dropped the Turkey

by Jenna Howard aged 10

Mum came into the dining room

and brought in the Turkey

She tripped over the dog

and the turkey went quirky

The most remarkable thing happened

The turkey started dancing

It climbed on Jack’s drums

and started shaking the tambourine

It dropped it and started playing the drums

and all of a sudden

the pudding started jumping up and down

the peas started singing jingle bells

and the carrots had a sword fight

with the sausages

The mash potato sloshed around in the bowl

and the gravy…

Well the gravy, it just went everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!