The Best Gift

by Harshita Das aged 12

On a snow-laid night, along a snow-filled lawn
Inside a shed, a child was born
The heavenly light lit up the gloomy shadow
Two happy hearts were bright and aglow
A god was born, with gifts adorned
And merry faces illuminated the lonely little barn
And yet, despite all the riches and gold
For Mary, only one thing thawed the cold
The warmth of her child
For a child is the best gift for a mother

Gingerbread Houses

by Cate aged 10

Baked in an oven
Stuck together with icing
Sprinkles and gummies
Topped with a peppermint roof
It is scrumptious and yummy.

Christmas is in December

by Maya Parveen Hussain aged 6

Christmas is in December
What we have to remember

Put out the Christmas tree
Hang up the stockings 1,2,3

Down the chimney comes Santa
He likes cookies and milk, not Fanta

Time to make a snowman
I’m a very big fan

Reindeer’s nose is red
Hope he gets fed

Lots of food to eat
Cakes, vegetables and lots of meat.

Everyone gets together
However cold the weather

What we have to remember
Christmas is in December.

Skinny Santa

by Marcus aged 9

On his way to town
He fell down the chimney
Because he was very, very skinny
Skinny Santa makes a good Christmas day
Because he never has any delays
All the reindeer were in the sky
While Mrs Claus was making mince pie
Skinny Santa sat in Mrs Claus magical hat
And then he was very, very fat
I think it was Mrs Claus magical


by Cate aged 10

The days get shorter,
The air gets colder
And upon the sodden ground
Lies an old man
His only source of warmth, a blue grubby blanket
He always is alone
Without a home.

Everyone walks past with their woollen scarfs
Turning away so as not to see him
But among that selfish crowd is a little girl
Who has a flashing jumper which shines like a pearl.
She skips into the nearby shop
She reappears seconds later
With a steaming drink and a buttery biscuit
Then the rest of her money she popped into his paper cup
Slipping her scarf around her shoulder she sat down
And they had a nice chat about something or the other
Then the little girl waved with her mitten
And the old man smiled
He now felt like he had a home

Hello Christmas!

by Flora aged 9

Sleigh bells ringing way up high,
Santa’s soaring through the sky.
Dad comes down in his suit and tie,
Whilst mum is making a big mince pie.
DING, DONG, DING, DONG, DING, some more,
I go downstairs to open the door.
There standing right in front of me,
A big gigantic CHRISTMAS TREE!
Tonight is the night,
The 24th of December.
The night that we love,
And will always REMEMBER!
Just remember never forget
That Christmas is a time for

The Festive Season

by Nico aged 10

Christmas is a time for sharing, a time for caring,
About each other and family,
Golden coins and mince pies
And eating away at Turkish delight,
The tree is up, shining bright,
And sparkling all over with fairy lights,
Presents in the stockings, and under the tree,
Now all we have to do, is eat up the feast!

Christmas is Here

by Sophia aged 9

I was dashing home,
On my telephone.
Winter’s here,
The cold is near.
Presents all the way home.
Home at last,
Then I saw Santa go past.
The fire is on,
While I play with Ron.


by Dhilan aged 9

Mince pies and milk out for Santa,
carrots for the reindeer.
Under the Christmas tree,
are some presents just for me.
I looked in my stocking,
it was very, very shocking.
My stocking was orange,
and inside was an orange.
I have finally been nice,
for the first time in my life.

Merry Christmas

by Abbey aged 9

C hristmas is nearly here
H aving a Roast
R eading all the cards people have sent
I ’m very jolly
S tockings on your bedroom door
T ree is waiting with gifts for you under it
M agical days are ahead of you
A ntlers were in the sky last night
S anta has dropped off some presents