The Wind

by Elsie aged 12

The wind scrapes my face as I walk through the park,
The whistling sound makes my ears pop,
I watch the trees dance in time,
Listen to the moan of the wind,
The wind lashes the rain to soak my hair,
Hear his voice as loud as any,
The wind wants you to know he’s there,
He pulls my hair as he passes by,
The wind is rather sly,
Whenever I look he isn’t there,
But when I listen I can hear him,
The wind.


by Charlotte Fennell aged 9

I touch soft, warm, crumbling sand
Like the feel of rosy red candy floss
A soft breeze spins by
Dancing subtle pirouettes

I see a golden fairy
Waving her yellow wand
Sitting on a rainbow
Looking down at an enchanted forest

The scent of apple blossom
Floats on the breeze
It is like
Hope, trust and forgiveness
Like the perfume of a
Perfect purple butterfly

I see a robin with a glowing red breast
Tweeting songs of comfort
Like the sound of glistening turquoise waves…

It could just be magic.

Another tomorrow.

by Ishaan Singh Sarna aged 13

sweeping the dust
of memories,
I start my day,
with the sunlight
filling the void
left by the darkness
of the night.

I pull the curtains,
open the window;
a strong essence
of happiness rushes in,
an ethereal nectar.

slowly balancing the
pot between my hands,
the soft farms
gently kiss my soul,
a new spring emerges
from within.

gently removing the dew
from every flower
I walk by,
a soft pollen hits
my fresh face,
a broken heart
is healed.

slowly and steadily,
the sun sinks in the
robust ocean of darkness,
and the ocean extends:
a healed heart
goes to sleep.

praying for another
to again kiss the farms,
to again feel the dew,
to again taste the sweet nectar
of happiness,
to love and get loved.

My Love, My Sweet, My Everything

by Steven, Alexa, Emilia, Tia, Evie, Alessandra aged 9

(Poetry to Music Project – performed to Pirates of the Caribbean by Hans Zimmer)

Come, my love
On a magical adventure
Through the salty blue seas of wonder
To a mystical place
Where your gentle heart will want to be

I will show you
The cascading waterfall of life
Where you shall be
Forever young
Where gleaming fire flies
Shall light your eyes
Like the starry moonlit sky

There will be diamonds, pearls, emeralds
As precious as the purest silk
Of the forest lands

The Dragons of Poseidon
Shall bow at our feet
The Phoenix of Fire
Shall protect us
From the shadowy forces of evil

Lightning will flash
The wisest Narwhales of the seven seas
Shall be our guide
Our vessel shall be made
From the strongest wood
Of the Southern Hemisphere

My precious
I will protect you
With sword and shield
No living creature shall harm you
On our island
Our island
Come, say you will

You know I love you
Why can you not love me
The Earth’s core holds no fear for me
I will find you wherever you are
And bring you back

Why my love?
Don’t leave me now
Your heart is so far away
Yet you feel so close –
Tell me you love me
Tell me now

What can I do
I will do anything
Come, my love
My sweet
My everything.

Midnight Is

by Caitlin Paul aged 9

Midnight is a time for ghosts
When they come to play
Throwing all my toys on the floor
‘Hip, hip, hooray!’

Midnight is a time for treats
And all I can possibly eat
Chocolates, cookies and pizza
Then I fall soundly asleep

Midnight is a time for stories
Funny, scary or sweet
Roasting fantasy marshmallows by the fire
Oh, that is quite a treat

Midnight is a time for witches
Will they be bad or good
Carrying me above the trees
Of the deepest darkest wood


When I wake up
My room is all clean
My toys are back under my bed
Where are all the cookie crumbs
Was it real
Or just in my head?


by Phoebe Corbett aged 8

I once saw a unicorn
White and soft
Her tail was rainbow
Pink, purple and blue
She was sparkly and glittery
With a long horn shiny and shimmery

The Serpent of Blackness

by Evie Harris aged 7

Oh baby, oh baby do fear
the serpent of blackness is near
And as long as he may reign,
he’ll do it in power and vain.

But baby, but baby don’t cry,
don’t shed tears in front of my eye.
For the curse that holds him back,
is even more powerful and black,
and wicked and scary and tall,
than him, the greatest serpent of all!!

Worries and Me

by Nancy Pearce-Floisand aged 8

Sometimes I sit on my bed and cry
I simply don’t know why
There’s a feeling inside of me
That makes me feel sad
It seems to grow bigger
Then I feel bad

My worries sometimes make me feel scared
I need to talk to someone who cares
I have had it before
Then it’s back again
I don’t always know
Why, how or when

I have a Worry Monster called Pom
She eats all my worries until they are gone
Talking about worries with my mum is okay
it makes me feel better
And worries go away

If you have worries, just like me
Here is my advice
See how helpful it can be

Talk to someone
Who will listen to you
Tell them your worries
They might know what to do

Share your worries
With family and friends
Your worries will go
And your troubles
Will end.

My Magic Carpet

by Liam Bradley aged 9

My magic carpet
Can fly high
Up into the never ending blue sky
It zips and zooms across the sky

My magic carpet
Takes off into the night sky
To watch the magic stars
Twinkling in the rich black sky

I like to watch each and every star
Zooming around the planets
Magic carpet
Magic carpet
I hope I can ride you

I Remember…

by Aurelia Borkowska aged 7

I remember
The bubbly ocean
The smell was wonderful
I remember the sound
Of children playing
And the feel of the hot sand
It was such a relaxing place
I remember the colourful umbrellas
Standing straight and still
I remember the blue birds singing
A song called