by Keira Grierson aged 10

The wood is burning in their fire,
Whilst the snowflakes fall outside,
I always thought Christmas was a liar,
Summer is an easier ride.

The streets are cold and damp,
The air is ever so thin,
But my heart always seems to have a cramp,
No matter what situation I’m in.

My teeth chatter,
My mind is bare,
I might win over a few pennies,
Though that is very rare.

Steam climbs out of chimneys,
And the sky is full of stars,
Everyone fortunate celebrates,
But they never think about those who aren’t.


Soldier’s Christmas

by Maktub Memood aged 13

Silent dusk,
a tear sizzles down his cheek –
the solider wishes for Santa.

Gleaming lights of the city,
makes him long for
his eyes set on the sky.
Trailing between December clouds,
a sparkle of reindeer dust –
his longing fingers
a new sunrise in his eyes.

And yet, his vulnerable fingers…
he steps back, teary-eyed
reindeer dust or another gun shot?
Merry Christmas, Soldier!

What’s Christmas?

by Isabella Warner aged 7

Mommy, what’s Christmas?
It’s a time were people celebrate Jesus’s birthday.
Daddy, what’s christmas?
Oh it’s a time were we hang decorations.
Nanny, what’s Christmas?
Ha, it’s a time were Santa comes to your house but only if you are good.
Mommy, Daddy and Nanny, what’s Christmas ?

Season of Peace

by Evie aged 8

The tinkling of Christmas bells rings in the air.
Shoppers are filled with the spirit of giving.
The less fortunate receive more loving care.
Strangers smile at each other as they pass by.
Religious houses are filled with worshippers.
Carols and hymns are sung with great joy.
Families gather to give thanks and feast.
The season of peace gently blankets the land.
If only it could last the whole year through

Be Naughty! Save Santa a Trip

by Demi aged 8

Questions I would love to ask Santa,

Do you ever have a rest?
Do you ever change your clothes?
How often do you take a warm bath?
Do you have streaming hot water in the shower?

The Snow for Santa

by Brianna aged 9

Snow is white
Although for sudden
Never forget the snow
To get the fautes of SANTA
All is left is a tiny drip which we don’t know what it is


by Archie O'Neill aged 8

Christmas, Christmas,
Great time of the year.
Christmas, Christmas,
Who doesn’t like it?
Tinsley, sparkly, dazzling tree,
Exciting presents coming to me.

Sweet smelling mince pies for Santa and me,
Hope you get one yourself,
Give some to your family too!

Christmas is Here

by Alice Massey aged 8

Christmas, Christmas,
three days of the year,
can’t wait,
won’t wait
for the days of the year.

Holding on,
Santa is nearly there,
stockings are filled,
presents are there.

Robins chirp to wake you up,
Christmas is here.
It’s present time,
joyful time,
lots of fun and gifts and toys.

Shouting, screaming with happiness,
joyful about the gifts.

Time for lunch, turkey,
potatoes in my tum,
carrots and beans in there too.

More? More pudding is always amazing.
After Christmas it’s such a bore.
So let’s wait for next year!

The Flaming Fire

by Harshita Das aged 11

Back to the first Christmas night
With baby Jesus in his cradle
The harsh breeze blowing away
The falling snow covers the ground
As the fires of the fireplace
Struggle to stay ignited
The sparkle of their flicker
Slowly fading away
Worried about the infant
Worried about the cold
Amidst the freezing night
Mother Mary calls for help
Nearby animals come passing by
But none offer their assistance
Then she hears flapping wings
For a bird has heard her pleas
A robin stands alone
Sustaining the fire
By flapping its wings
The dying fire starts to roar
For its blaze just came to life
And dry sticks the robin throws
To keep the child warm
Throughout the night
And none can help mistakes
For once it goes too close
The merciless fire burns its breast
The robin keeps going
Unfazed by the burn
And when the act is done
Expressing her gratitude
Mother Mary says
“You will live eternally
Not in your body, but for the kind act
That you have done today.
May your legend and kindness be passed down
From generation to generation.”

The Legend of Evergreen

by Harshita Das aged 11

On a dark, cold winter night
A bird breaks its wing
And down she goes, yelping in pain
Unable to fly
With her friends
To the warmer place
She asks the nearby birch
“Help me, I have broken my wing.”
The birch, beautiful and proud
Says haughtily
“I know my priorities
I take care of the bird of the forest.”
She asks the big, strong oak
To which the oak answers
“I cannot,
I am worried because you will eat my acorns.”
Even the
Otherwise kind and gentle willow
Refuses to talk to strangers
She asks the spruce
To which the tree answers
“I would be honoured,”
As it spreads out its branches.
By this kind act
The pine proposes to protect both
From the bitter wind
The juniper
Offers its fruits to the bird
The Frost king
Closely watches all this
And instructs the North wind
Not to touch a single leaf
Of the spruce, pine or the juniper
It could play with the other trees
All it wanted
And each winter
The north wind strips bare
All the leaves of the others
And it is for this kindness
That the pine, spruce and juniper
Keep their greenery
Or so the legend says