In the Zoo

by Freddie Alderson-Jenkins aged 6

The Lions roar
The Snakes hissssss
The Monkeys go peek-a-boo
The Zebra goes clippity-clop
The Hyena growls
The Meerkat squeaks
The Eagle squawks
The Elephant trumpets
The Giraffes chew the leaves
The Blue Whale sings his whale song
The Polar Bear moans loudly
The Penguins chitter chatter
The Wolves howl
The Zoo Keeper smiles with pride.

The Dying Soldier

by Pragun aged 12

Dying I am.
Bullets have pierced
Into my skin,
Leaving me with unbearable pain.
I know I am going to leave this
Earth. This is the last day
I am here.
Let my parents live a long life.
Let my wife and children be happy.
May god help them.
I know this is the last day
I am here.
I look at my surroundings with
My one eye that is left.
For the other has gone.
The river who’s water
Was clear and blue
Has now become the red river.
It’s as red as me.
I am a blood monster.
My green uniform
Has become red too.
Everything is red.
Perhaps, my eye
Is covered in blood.
Perhaps, this is
What makes everything red.
At least fulfil my last wishes.
Let my parents live a long life.
Let my wife and children be happy.
May God help them.
And also answer my one last
Question, divine one,
Is there any way
That I will come back to life?

When He Broke My Heart

by Elsie aged 12

We stood there
He took my hands
The words he said
I didn’t plan
He opened his mouth to say a word
And what he said tore me up for good
He said he didn’t love me
I couldn’t believe it
I ran away crying and hid under a tree
My heart was torn up
That day I’ll never forget
When he broke my heart into tiny bits.

Love In All Shapes

by Samuel aged 10

Love is unique for everyone
You’ll find it in many shapes and sizes.
Love may be small or tall,
Fat or thin,
Abstract or not,
Creative and serious,
Funny and emotional,
Fearless or fearful.
For you, love may be simple,
But for me it’s everything.

Just to Say I Love You

by Elsie aged 12

I will travel across the ocean for you
I will fly to the moon and back
I will find the rarest flower for you
There is no doubt about that
I will risk my life for you
Just to know you’re safe
Because I love you
I hope you love me back

El Caminante

by Khadijah Hussain aged 12

Graceful birds fly synchronised in the azure sky above,
A large brass bell indicates the visitor’s arrival,
An unrecognisable shadow embarks into the town,
He earns his wealth with respect as he enters.

Every second, countless number of people joined the crowd,
Pictures were taken of the handsome celebrity as he flexed his muscles.
Click, flash, click, flash, click, flash
They treated him like a king.

Placing her hand on his forehead, the prioress recited the prayer,
He climbed the lofty ladder,
Off he went to face his fears,
Will he reach the end safely?

He placed his right foot on the rigid rope
All of a sudden the rope felt like slippery soap.
He dropped his stick!
How would he reach the end now?
He stayed relaxed.

Unexpectedly, he reached the end safely,
The crowd thundered with excitement.
Off he went to accomplish his next task.


by Abdul Muid Tahir aged 10

Grandpa, Grandma.
You are nice,
Just like a dice.
I love you,
I know you do.
You are a star,

How kind you are.
You are not old,
You are gold.
I love you,
I love you.
Grandpa, Grandma.


by Abdul Muid Tahir aged 10

Parents are nice,
You don’t need to look twice.
My parents are good,
They try to give you a good childhood.
They take your side,
They will never let you hide.
They love me,
As the leaves love the tree.
When I was born,
They never let me be torn.

My Dreams – a Poem about Slavery

by Lucy Cohen aged 9

My dreams are here to stay,
Not to be crushed,
Despite other people’s actions,
Because of my colour.

Their hearts of cold iron,
Making me do this,
Rocks balancing on my head,
My dreams are here to stay.

Stench of defeat
In my bones,
Everyone is frozen with fear,
My dreams are here to stay.

I’m missing the colour of the sun,
Thinking of the blue sky,
When will my freedom appear?
My dreams are here to stay.

Hope is a fragile seed.
Right now,
My dreams are here to stay,

Lost in a sea of nameless faces,
I need to be remembered,
Here I am.
My dreams are here to stay.

A Vase of Flowers

by Elsie aged 12

Standing there on a window sill
tall and proud
brightly colored the petals are
the earth is rather brown
the vase is pale pink
the leaves are short and round
a sweet smell fills the room
the bees are all around