by Hanshika aged Unknown

The far away land up in the sky,
Where the moon is so up high.

The light up night,
The shining stars,
All witnessed by Aldrin, Armstrong and Collins.

The colossal galaxy far away.


by Aditi Jain aged 15


Maybe one day
when Luna shines brighter than ever
the men will be able to get out
of the patriarchy system
and realise
how they could have turned
Earth into a scintillating place
only if they had
accepted that women were equal

Now women have
made themselves a happy home
not on Earth but on the Moon
They have grown through what
they have gone through
now their faces are as
as the Moon appears from Earth

Even though they are in
a no gravity zone
their feet are on the ground
and their dreams are in the sky
They don’t really want to go back to

They think Luna is very similar to them
All their lives they revolved around someone else
who was also busy revolving around someone else
The women also think
just like their beauty
Moon’s beauty is hidden
and underappreciated
Maybe one day the men will
understand Luna
and it will be the time when they
understand women


by Iona Mandal aged 13


This is a cesspool of worship.
Dirty and invisible.
The elderflowers look like nuns,
servile and bathing in the holy light.
of the moon.

At the boundary of the magic circle
is a stray flower.
It has managed to escape the spotlight.
It is dark.
It has sinned.

There is a flower that stands in the middle,
taller than the rest, and,
feeding on the moon’s beautiful lies.
The moon sheds more light on it.
It is blinding.

The moon is a judge,
wig-less, skinless and faceless white.
Its craters mark its hollow eyes.
It wears a cape of pollution.

I am court itself.
I look to see who is watching.
I calculate my reactions.
The elderflowers are defendants,
chaste and guilty.

In the window, the moon is dim.
It looks fragile like cellophane.
The elderflowers have no shadow in this light.
The wind points them up and bows them down,
in figurative confusion.
Like monks weeping in the Dissolution,
they embody justice.

I, the Moon

by Madiha aged 10


I, the Moon, light up the midnight sky
When the dark, empty streets
Have no life in sight.

I watch you laugh
And go to bed
While others think I’m lying dead.

My empty craters are
Greater than a deep dark

But don’t you see
I’m all alone

What I See in Space

by Elsie aged 13


I look up to see the magical night sky,
The stars – little sparkles of life,
The moon – I see is full tonight,
Its warm glow shining bright,
The comets – they blast through the sky – top speed!
As if they were riding upon a knight’s steed,
The planets – I see one or two,
I wonder if the astronomers will find something new?
It comes down the this one long lasting stare,
To realise what is actually out there!

Marvellous Moon

by Rayhaan Hossain aged 9


M arvellously shining rays of light
O pulent crystal-like ball
O rnate finishing touch
N ot a second moon

I t brightens the dark night
S pecial as it only comes at night

G ood to help direct you
R eally helpful
E asy to see at night
A lways floats in mid air
T he first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong

Moonlit Shore

by Tegan Carr aged 9


As I sat on the shore
I could not wish for more
The moon shone down on the sea
It was sparkling just for me

The waves thrashed
Against the rocks they crashed
And then they just swayed
While I played and played

I gazed at the stars
Maybe I even saw Mars
The moon was full
And was as white as cotton wool

Constellations littered the sky
Until morning was nigh
I wish I could go up there one day
And look down at the rocky bay

Mystical Moon

by Alexandra Prideaux aged 6


I saw the moon
in the sky today.
Up, up, up;
so far away.
Luna – beautiful,
shining bright.
Mystical moon
rules the night.

The Moon’s Exploits

by Harshita Das aged 13


“The ocean is too calm and steady”
Said the moon, with a frown
Then it smiled and grinned and laughed
And made the waves go up and down

Another night, it looked upon the weary travelers
And asked the Sun, its eyes wide, tone polite
“Can I please borrow your rays?”
The travelers had light that night

Yo Listen Up!

by Idrees aged 10


Yo listen up
I’m not a block of cheese
Oh please
Give me a break
I need it for God’s sake.
If you say I’m only seen in the night
You’re not right
I’m sometimes seen in the morning
While you’re yawning
They say I’m white
Well alright
But I’m grey
Since my birth
My job is to orbit the Earth
The person who jumped on me
His name is Neil Armstrong
It ain’t wrong
I wish I was the sun’s dad
He’s toooo hot, that’s bad
I am the moon
Let’s go, kaboom!