Riddles, Oh Riddles

by Hanshika aged 10


I’m beautiful up in the sky,
I’m magical yet I cannot fly,
to people I bring luck,
to some people, riches.
The boy at the end
does whatever he wishes
What am I?

A rainbow!!!

You saw me where I could not be.
yet, often you see me.
What am I?


Reaching stiffly for the sky, I bare my fingers when it’s cold.
In warmth I wear an emerald glove and in between I dress in gold.
What am I?

A tree

In the Sky

by Samaira Pareek aged 8


Oh yes! It’s me ,
I have seven colours,
I shine like a vibrant group of colours
In the sky,
You can see me in the day but never in the night,
I am not a circle, but I am half of it,
I am not a colour box, but I have lot of it,
You jump when I come out,
You go around and shout,
Guess whom are we talking about?



Yes it’s me, a Rainbow!

Guess What?

by Iona Mandal aged 12


You loved the smell of forest fires

Sometimes, you would run out

into the open air

and inhale insatiably.

When the fires were milder

You would drag me with you

to the edge of the outback

to show me the stray flames

licking at the bark

barbecuing it like an infernal feast.

I cried each time

not because it hurt me

but because, I thought that

maybe my tears

would extinguish the embers.

I never forgot to look up at the sky

to relieve my pupils of the fiery hues,

where an ash tree loomed over

telling me, the graveyard wasn’t full yet.

That day, I could smell the cinder

As you flung open the windows.

I trudged along the dirt road with you

till we reached a clearing.

I looked up, expecting the ash tree.

Something very similar greeted me:

a pile of ash.

We walked to the hospital after that.

‘At least he doesn’t smoke’,

the doctor said,

handing you a nicotine patch.





How Can You Escape?

by Blessing aged 9


Now you’re stuck in a scary cave
You don’t know what to do.
Just follow my advice
It will definitely help you.



A riddle

What Is It?

by Jasmine aged 10


Fast a lightning
Runs as smooth as ice
Colourful spotted skin
Creeps up on his pray, quieter than a mouse
Blends in so well no one can ever see it
Chases and kills anything that crosses its path
It is so fast that you only get a very small glimpse of it and sometimes you never see it go straight past you



Can You Guess What I Am?

by Elsie aged 13


Melody fly,
Wings flap,
As I glide,
Sing a song,
Loop the loop,
Can you guess what I am?

The Flower

by Elsie aged 12

Silk sewn petals,
Smooth at the touch,
Intricate colours colliding much,
Delicately shaped and in a bud,
Opening only to the sun’s love,
Opening to the rain’s care,
Opening to the fresh air,
Pink, lilac and pretty,
The flower.

My Incredible World of the Imagination

by Shifa Asif aged 9

A small fish in the deep blue sea, the dotty nose,
Red, yellow, white, with fine dark spots,

A huge candy in a fancy dress, icy cold eyes,
A gentle smile and, snowflakes in the background

Awesome wings and a pink rose in the middle,
Hanging in my hair,

A piece of pink meat, like a triangular prism,
Pink, purple, and yellow inside,

Attached with the yellow long string,
A purple cover swinging on my shoulder,

Pointy yellow edges on a pink surface,
Irons my hair,

A greenery of knowledge, with a bed of ants,
A pink brick, checks my mistakes with black ink spilt on it,

I notice all the expressions of faces,
I feel their feelings,

Tiny words with big circles for balancing,
The bus rides through the streets,

A green soft soap without bubbles,
Cleans my body and my mind,

My vast imagination, and my small world of erasers.

Cat Kig

by Zishan Khalid aged Zkhalid

Gig Hkuhb
GkgI gnkjf
Rye hte
The of.
Fro. Fih fjug

Tricky Solution

by Harshita Das aged 12

“I am Lying”, I said
Did that boggle your head?
Because, if I had lied right then
Then it would be a true statement
Yet if it is true,
And falsely accused
Then it is false, which makes it true
But if it is right, then it will be wrong
And if it’s wrong, then it is right
Because to lie about lying is telling the truth
And telling the truth about lying is a lie
So, is it a lie, or is it the truth?
You have heard the meaning of infinity itself