Try Not To

by Leah Marshall aged 8

Try not to be mean
try not to be unkind
try not to be nasty to people who have needs
try not to

The Magic Beast

by Juliette John aged 7

Lurking in the river is a ferocious beast,
Ten feet high with three black teeth.
He eats three tuna pizzas on each and every day,
But most of the time he eats grey sticky clay.
With eight giant legs and a very stiff head,
Most of his body is covered with black.
He’s also got big purple spots all over his back.

In My Dreams

by Skye Keyser aged 8

In my dreams I’m far away,
having a new adventure every day.
I see monsters riding trains,
while flying in my white and blue aeroplane.
I find myself being chased by gummy bears,
while trying to catch chocolate hares.
Where big watermelons are growing,
while the sailors keep on rowing.
Candy cane trees reach up in the sky,
while pretty birds fly very high.
You’ll breathe in a sweet taste,
when running a tiring race.
In my dreams we have the best school,
and now I must say school
is actually quite cool.
In science lessons we do gross stuff,
and once we experimented
with rotten marshmallow fluff.
In my dreams we name our huge mansions,
and my grandma and grandpa is called the gransion.
In the hall we have a disco every night
and once the balloon popping
gave me such a fright.
There are lovely places to go,
there are lovely places to live,
and every single person has love to give.
I am the hero every day,
once I saved someone from getting hit
by a piece of clay.
Then when I wake up I find it was all a dream,
with a mystical and magical wonderland
as it’s theme.
My dream has gone, my dream was fun,
tomorrow there’ll be another one.

The Magic of Fun and Everything

by Samuel Ededjo aged 11

I create the fun of everything
The creativity of it,
from the start to the
middle and the end.

The result,
comes with peace
laughter, joy
and amusingness
It’s is fun and happy magic

Winter Wonders

by Nikki Lahori aged 7

winter wonders
like the icy crystal snow
falling from the sky
it looks like a spectacular

Deep Down

by Emma aged 9

Once there was a kid lost down in the deep forest
It was one dark stormy night
She was terrified and needed help
There was no way out once you were in the forest
Her Father once told her, “Just close her eyes and be brave
Never let anyone fear you even if you’re really scared.”
A guess it was just bad dream after all
Just close your eyes

My Magical, Sugary Sweet World

by Sunetra Sen aged 9

* * * * * * WINNING POEM * * * * * *

Welcome to my sweet world!
Would you like a rainbow swirl?
Gummy bears hide in the Malteser rock woods,
With trees of candy floss and toffee apples,
And rainbow strip glass, delicious indeed.

As the Tictac bees tend to
The Haribo flowers, the marshmallow unicorns fly!
There are gingerbread houses for all,
As we climb Toblerone mountains
Oh, what a sugary sweet world!

There’s a sugar beach here, not sand!
Enjoy swimming in Coca-Cola
The rivers run with hot chocolate,
And the clouds are made of whipped cream!
Please grow some lollipops in the sherbet ground!

As jelly babies swim in melted chocolate,
The mini Randoms stroll along the biscuit path.
You can bathe in the Fanta sun,
Or watch it shower Skittles!
Let’s watch the sherbet straw fireworks fly!

Walk along the jelly bean bridge,
Or gaze at the fruit stars!
See the flying saucers in the sky,
You can eat your weight in chocolate bars!
You’re leaving now but come once more!

The School Magic Show

by Lucy Kay aged 8

“Please sit down and we will start the magic display,”
Says the head who is looking away in dismay.
“Our school doesn’t have nearly enough talent,” she says, looking grey.
First up a girl tried to produce flowers from a wand
but she forgot that she had hay fever.
After that a boy tried to do a card trick
but there was a massive delay
because he had forgotten how to do the trick.
Finally, “Wait, who is that? Pray tell is that Miss May?”
She gets a small clay cat and with one flick of her wand
she turns it to a real live stray cat.
Everybody claps and says “HURRAY!”

To the Near-magic Cauldron Called Humans

by Haalah aged 16

It is difficult, dear sir,
For yourself to fathom faeries
When the sky is the limit
And the sky is out of reach
And the sky is visible off the ground

But we’ve been to the sky
And we’ve been through the sky
Rethought what’s a limit
And found what’s a bound
It is not a line or an angry man
Nor a DO NOT ENTER zone

Those things are slingshots
That push us into space
So the sky is not the limit
Not with flying paper planes
And a walking vegetable does not exist
Because you haven’t seen him with your eyes

So no, my sir,
The vision from this place
Is not the reality of that space
We do not have to be there
To know something lives there
Some things breathe inside the mind
And come alive only when we allow
Them space to exist

It’s a little thing we can do
I promise — you can try!
You can snap a finger
And sew with the fabric of your time.
Magic is not elusive
If you have sparks in your eyes

The world would be too boring
If what is visible were all the truth
But for us (we fell lucky)
An idea never lies.

The Magic of a Smile

by Jorja Bean-Mundy aged 11

One smile could simply change a life.
People rarely worry about what a smile means.
It could mean that you’ve rescued someone’s life,
or just pretty much made their day.
But those smiles are so contagious,
like a rock rippling through the water,
and it never stops,
and suddenly a wave of confusion
sweeps across you
and there you gaze upon the world
in which you live.
And you wonder to yourself
“If one smile could save a life from being taken,
I think I’ll share my joy.”