Threads of Nostalgia

by Ishaan Singh aged 13

Winter dawn –
I sit with my grandmother
as she weaves the sweater for me.

“You know how happy we were then?”
she says, with a trickle of river
racing down her wrinkled cheek;
“A line, a boundary drawn not only along
two seperate nations;
but along families,
and people.”

She carefully weaves the threads
of nostalgia,
of every hue –
red, green, blue.

“The greenest of pastures,
fluttering butterflies with their gaudy wings,
sunlit mustard flowers blooming.”

And I see a tear,
glistening on the thin treads
of nostalgia
and then, I tenderly wipe them off
with a flower petal.
“Those mustards which bloomed with the shades
of sunlit stars.”
One flower petal
and in the depths of Grandma’s eyes
I saw mustard flowers
still blooming.

Roger Stevens

by Khalid Dokrat aged 8

Roger has a big brain,
just like his fame.
Every time he comes out,
all he can hear is a shout.
He is great,
even though I’m only eight.
I do not hate,
I simply donate.
This place will never see fate,
as Roger Stevens is great!

The Movie

by Isabella Warner aged 7

I went to the cinema.
wanted to go to see The Greatest Showman.
I brought the tickets.
I asked which room to go in
and she said number 8
I walked in
It was empty!
I said hello.
Nobody answered
I was disappointed
to be watching it by myself.
It was amazing
I felt sorry for the people
who were watching the fire
I felt more sorry for the man
who almost died in the fire.
I left the cinema felling happy
that I watched the film
I’d been looking forward to watching
I wanted to watch it again
Mom said, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Nature’s Colours

by Mathilda Tochel aged 8

Grass is green I know it’s true
But sometimes I wish that it was blue
The sky is blue but I really think
It would look nice if it was pink
Nature had no care for the ground
Because if it did it wouldn’t be brown


by Taiya aged 7

Look at the sea
and there at the bottom is me.
I can see fish
for what is under the sea.
Let’s have a look and see.

The World of Wonder

by Elsie aged 12

There is a place I like to go,
A place of wonder.
I wonder why trees are green,
I wonder why the tower of Pisa leans,
I wonder why the sky is blue,
I wonder why we wear shoes,
I wonder why the sun is there,
I wonder why people stare,
I wonder why earth is brown,
I wonder how we learnt to frown,
I wonder why there are clouds in the sky,
I wonder why…

Are We Nearly There Yet?

by Elsa McFall aged 9

Are we three-quarters
and 49 minutes
away from the shop
with 53 purple crickets?

Are we two-thirds
and about half an hour
away from the place
where they have a giant sunflower?

Are we 2 minutes
and 53 days
away from the green rhinos
with their green rhino ways?

Romeo and Juliet

by Elsie aged 12

Romeo and Juliet
Loved each other very much
The hatred between their families
wasn’t enough to keep them apart
Their love was deep,
as deep as a pool,
a pool of darkness,
a never ending pool,
a pool with crystals,
crystals that shone,
a pool of wonder,
wonder why,
why their families fought’
Why did they have to be born,
born into those families
that hated each other?
Why oh why
did they have to be born,
born into these families
that hated, hated, hated
hated each other?


by Osas aged 10

I am Osas
and I want to post
this poem to you.
I dunno
You can keep it or not
My poem’s name is POEM.
The content is POEM.
That’s all.

The Revolutionary Raven

by Youngsung aged 12

Once upon a midnight dreary
Were the colonists weak and weary
As they had been for many years before

They paid more prices
And made sacrifices
To make up the cost of the war

So while the Brits were gently napping
The colonists came slowly tapping
Onto the boat’s wood floor

Sneaking down below the deck
They went to wreck
Anything else that was in store

Then in the boat, they overthrew
some of the cargo into the blue
And then they threw some more

Soon when the soldiers awoke
They saw that they were broke
They’d lost all of their tea packs

So the Parliament all agreed
To go ahead and make a decree
Which were called by colonists, the Intolerable Acts

These acts helped to empower the King
And soon he had outlawed town meetings
and they didn’t repeal the tax

So the colonists declared freedom
Because they didn’t need them
Their tolerance rose to the max

So started the Revolutionary war
With so much in store
And the rest, is well, just the facts