My Humble Home

by Iliana aged 10

Everyday, I wake up in my bed in my humble home.
Everyday, I call my friends on the phone.
Everyday, I cry myself to sleep all alone.
Everyday, I acknowledge my humble home.

I gaze at translucent windows,
I gaze at the TV shows,
I gaze at the ringing telephone,
I gaze at my humble home.

My humble home,
Where memories have been born,
Where the front garden grows in green,
Where I watch k-drama and eat popcorn,
Where there is so much to be seen.

The most alluring place in the street,
Always walking on my feet,
Every Christmas, we gobble up turkey and meat,
I wail because of my homework worksheet.

My humble home.

Terrific Trees

by Lily McKay aged 9

Trees are brilliant,
They’re peaceful and green.
When you’re dancing in a meadow,
They make a beautiful scene.

I love to see
These trees around me …

The cheerful Cherry
The lovely Lime
The perfect Pear
The pretty Plum
The happy Holly
The jolly Juniper
The brilliant Beech
The wonderful Willow
The amazing Ash
The marvellous Maple
The charming Chestnut
The relaxing Rowan
And The Olympic Oak

Trees, I love them all
They are really, really tall

My Rainbow Garden

by Lily McKay aged 9

I love my rainbow garden
It explodes constantly with a kaleidoscope of colour

Red is for the plump, juicy tomatoes
Preparing themselves for a feast

Orange is for the gigantic sunflowers
That warm my heart

Yellow is for the sunshine
That beams over each and every petal

Green is for all the leaves
That feed these beautiful gems

Blue is for the carpet of bluebells
That shimmer like the ocean

Indigo is for the strong primrose
That returns to see me, in the harshest of winters.

Violet is for the clematis that steadily climbs, reaching for the stars

But in all this colourful delight,
My heart lies with the Lily,
which stands majestically,
in its glorious, pure and beautiful white

Maple, the Autumn Fairy

by Lily McKay aged 9

Maple is an Autumn fairy
Who lives in an enchanted wood.
She mixes spices together
And makes everywhere look good.

She pours Paprika over the Oak,
Cinnamon over the Maple
She makes the Beech look on fire
By giving it enough Chilli energy until April

Finally, she weaves her Autumn quilt
Of crimson, scarlet and mustard bright
She throws it down, tucks them in
And gently kisses them goodnight

The Frame

by Harry Muller aged 11

I am looking through the framed window,
there is a beautiful sight to behold.
A monster of a magnolia tree,
I think it must be very old.

I am looking through through the framed window,
Big tall green storks I see.
On top of the storks huge heads of yellow,
Sunflowers providing nectar for the bee.

I am looking through through the framed window,
I see a tall stem with razor sharp thorns.
Roses as red as blood,
I go to pick it, ouch my finger gets torn.

I am looking through through the framed window,
At a carpet of luscious green grass.
I want to go get my football,
So I can work on my perfect pass.

I am looking through through the framed window,
Oh what’s that I see?
Rummaging round for worms to eat,
A nosy red robin looking back at me.


by Noah Ogle aged 9

A new world, a new Earth

A planet with lakes and oceans,

trees and forests shining at twilight

A vision of serenity

A new culture, a new community

A variety of people, big, small, colourful,

kind, caring and cheery

A vision of happiness

A new beginning, a new start

A burning heart, scorching,

blazing with heat and light

A vision of hope

I See

by Jayden aged 12

I see
I see the sea and the creatures within it,
I see the sky and the birds flying through it,
I see the mountains and the snow laying as if a blanket,
I see India and the elephants gracing it
I see Africa and the lions prowling through it,
I see the world and the admirable wildlife,
I see it slowly diminishing,
It needs saving and only we can help it.


by Alfie aged 11

I see what they see
and the people see clouds
with the sun shining like a light in the sky
of nothingness
the world full of people
doing what they were meant to do.
Everywhere cars and human’s tiny babies
trying to walk
the fun of the first word being said.

Covid 19

by Poppy Brett aged 7

In 2020 things got weird
I’ve never seen my daddy with such a long beard
A horrible bug called covid nineteen
Made the streets empty and our hands really clean
It made lots of people go to the hospital
It got so bad we couldn’t go to school
Mummy was our teacher and classes were on Zoom
We went for long walks and watched all the plants bloom
Every Thursday we did a clap
For all the carers who who took all the rap
We could not cuddle our grandparents
It became really hard
Instead we would draw pictures on colourful
We needed to stay 2 metres apart
It was really sad, it broke my heart
We spent the whole of May in the paddling pool
I planted lots of sunflowers that grew really tall
The Prime Minister spoke every night
He reassured us we will all be alright
No one quite knows how long this will last
Before we all know it covid 19 will be in the past

A Vision After the Pandemic

by Isaac Ding aged 10

They asked me for a vision
Which was a mission
To take off my mask
And do the task

The task is to enjoy life
Without having strife
To keep peace
Like you keep an eye piece

To socialise
Not sanitize
And to be nice
Just like Christ

And that was my vision
And my mission
After the pandemic
That’s all true

Just me and you