Year-Round Joy

by Kerry-Lee Huskisson aged 12

Christmas is full of shiny things,
That sparkle, gleam and glow,
These holiday pleasures dazzle us,
And yet deep-down we know…

That Christmas has its special gifts,
But our year-round joy depends,
On the cherished people in our lives,
Our family and friends…

What Am I?

by Ayse aged 8

I have a head set
you use me with a computer
I show your reality

Christmas is When…

by Charlie Ansell aged 9

Elves bake;
Children make;
Stars light;
Baubles bright;
Turkeys scream
Lights beam.

Santa Haiku

by Charlie Ansell aged 9

He’s very jolly
He brings presents to people
North Pole is his home

Christmas Spirit

by Charlie Ansell aged 9

I feel the christmas spirit coming to me.
When i wake up tomorrow morning.
I will open presents for me.
Christmas is the GREATEST!!!

The Christmas Tree

by Ollie Heffernan aged 8

Once there was a Christmas tree
who was happy as could be.
He was decorated with fancy lights
even though the children had lots of fights.
One night presents were brought by old Saint Nick
who saw the cookies so he began to lick.
The next morning it looked like Santa was sick
because he ate all the cookies & milk.
But the children weren’t happy
as they got jumpers made out of silk.

My Strange Christmas Day

by Lara aged 9

I woke up nice and early to see the snow outside
But all I end up seeing was a swirly, swirly ride.
I jumped out of my window into the freezing cold
And that was very naughty so then I got told.
I thought I was in England but it was way too cold
But then it turned warm as fast as a bullet
It started to snow
Then a bee said no.
Santa came in his big, fat sleigh
He said I was in the North Pole
Then I saw a little ray who said, “Good Day”
That is how we roll!
He was a happy hamster, lively lobster,
I met all of them on this great Christmas Day!
Santa let me turn on the lights.
Santa was a squishy, spicy cookie
He gave me a present,
It looked kind of green
I asked, “Is this a dream?”
Santa said, “No! It is a brussels sprout
And it turns into a reindeer!”
It was time for the trout.
We now decorate the reindeer for a big fashion show.
That is the poem of my strange Christmas Day!


by Lucy aged 9

Cold and raining
Sleeping ,eating, playing
Excited for. Presents

No Learning!

Spying on Santa

by Archie aged 9

On Christmas Day I was bad,
Because I was spying on Santa.
He was warming his hands by the fire,
While he dreamt of being in a choir,
Then he saw a flat tyre.
Once all the presents were put under the tree by Santa,
He went into the kitchen to have some Fanta.
He looked in every cupboard
And he saw some naughty parrots,
Eating up all the carrots.
On Christmas Day.

Winter Snow in our Garden

by Edmund Batson aged 7

An ice cold bucket
Like a bucket of snow
Like a white blanket
Like a snowman’s coat

The birds are tweeting
with their ice cold poems
Tweet tweet
And animals are hibernating
deep down in their burrows.