Snowball Fight

by Sophia Islam-Choudhury aged 9

It snowed last night,
And school was cancelled to our delight.
We jumped out of bed in the morning light,
Put on our things and went out for a
Every kid on our street came,
Except Henry which was a shame.
Because without him it was not the same,
He made it fun with his cricketer aim.
Apparently, his family were in,
Sitting in front of the TV with a biscuit tin.
They were watching Mike’s show ‘What’s the Din?’
And because he ditched us we pushed over his bin!

Christmas Day

by Katerina aged 8

oh poury rain
oh scary thunder
oh dark clouds
oh Christmas tree falling down slowly
oh Christmas presents
nice or bad day?
it is the best because the of the presents

Christmas Tree

by Ayaan aged 9

Here at the top of the tree
There is a beautiful shiny star
And it is bright.
The little balls on the tree
Are sparkly rainbow balls
That will reflect a mirror
Which will twist and turn like gold.

Christmas Winter Haikus

by Asmaa aged 11

What a merry day!
I like to play in the snow.
What a jolly day!

I want some turkey.
I wonder where Santa is.
Was I good or bad?

“Ho, ho,” says Santa.
“Who is bad and who is good?
Where is my snowman?”


by Harshita Das aged 11

In my front lawn
A snowman stands
Short and stout
Its body of
Imperfect balls
And that makes it
More interesting
A short little carrot
Fixed as its nose
A splash of colour
In black and white
Wearing an old and worn
Hand me down scarf
With buttons for eyes
And a thin little twig
Fixed in a derpy smile
Staring at me
And when summer
Rolls along
I look at my front lawn
And in place of it
There is a puddle of water

Merry Christmas

by Tazkia Dokrat aged 9

Christmas is here
To spread the holiday cheer,
Christmas lights hung around town
Time to turn that frown upside down.

People out shopping
Christmas crackers keep on popping,
X-mas puddings being served
After all they’re well deserved.

Carols being sung
As candy fizzes on your tongue,
Christmas trees put up
Wine drunk from a cup.

Christmas is here
To spread holiday cheer,
All I can say
Is Merry X-mas and happy new year. YAY!


by Benjamin Portman aged 11

Christmas is time for fun
Christmas is full of cheer
We buy toys for the kids
And for the adults we buy beer

This Christmas

by Caitlin Kaylor aged 12

There’s boys and girls out there
who may have nothing to wear.
Seeing them shiver on Christmas Day,
whilst everyone else is having a buffet.
Kids our age just want a pound
which makes our heads spin around.
No food, water drinking out of the drains,
this gives them dreadful pain.
More than 120,000 children
will be homeless this Christmas
so in our city streets don’t harass,
make their Christmas this year
a reminder of how special they are.

Just please, please help out this Christmas.


by Syeda Asmeena aged 9

Christmas is coming
Everybody is warm and loving
Snow is falling
While dinner’s calling
Children are running
They are stunning
Presents are being bought
Lessons are getting taught
Carols are humming
And Christmas is coming

Christmas Tree

by Muqtada aged 6

Outside my house there is a Christmas tree,
and every time I look at it, it fills me with glee.

The tree is decorated with green and red,
the good girls and boys snuggle down in their beds.

The star at the top twinkles so bright,
the magical tree illuminates the night.

The spiky, green tree is so tall,
the presents underneath are ever so small.