The Magic Box

by Izzy aged 11

I will put in my box

The buzzing of a bee on a nice summer’s day,
Fire from the mouth of the reddest dragon,
A rainfall of sunshine of a late winters night.

I will put in my box

A blade of emerald green grass fresh from a field,
Lilac and  lilies from beside a lake
And joyous memories from the last 10 years of my life.

I will put in my box

The howling of the winter’s breeze,
A soft cuddly teddy bear straight from my bed,
The ZAP of lightning in the middle of a storm.

My box is fashioned from snake skin, dinosaur bones and gold
with a map of the world on the lid and sand from many countries i
n the corners it’s hinges are made from the remains of a venomous snakes

I will travel in my box
All over the world to New Zealand and Africa
and many more lands
then wash ashore upon a soft yellow beach
so peaceful where I will look through my box.

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