Rags to Riches Part 1

by Freya Griffith aged 9

One day there was a young girl called Mija and she lived with her family. Aki was her father and Ameono was her mother. They lived in Guiyang in China. They were quite poor. Her father worked as a farmer and her mother stayed home. Little did they know they had a rich history. The day was Wednesday and Ameono was making dinner, Aki was out harvesting crops and Mija was writing in her diary; “Dear diary today I have done nothing. My friend Jewojh went to Shanghai yesterday so I have nothing to do.”
“Mija dinner’s ready!”, Ameono shouted.
They always have dinner when Aki is home so Mija rushed into the kitchen and gave Aki a massive hug.
“It’s nice to see you father.”

Part 2 coming soon

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  • Roger Stevens

    Nice story, Freya. But remember that the Poetry Zone is for POETRY.

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