My New World

by Ella Brophy aged 11

To My Future Diabetic Self

I always hurt myself when I want to eat
When I wake up mummy always cleans my feet
I can’t be active unless I am high
So then I look up at the sky
And through all the clouds I wish
To go back to the good old days that I miss
And we wouldn’t care about what was on the back
I could eat whatever, there was nothing that I lack
But we shouldn’t think about the past
So I ask ‘Do we have a pump at last?
Is it easier for us to manage or is it still tough?’
I am still enjoying life even though it is rough
I love the garden – it really calms me down
My favourite thing is my trapeze, I go upside down and all around
The thing is it doesn’t matter if I have these things or not
Because when I look in the mirror everything’s the same the whole lot
I still smile, I still laugh, I still have nice things
When I am going low and my phone rings
I just remember I will get past it
If I feel like I have fallen into a pit
I will get out of it and onto a cloud
Which is where it is calm and not at all loud
But all of us diabetics we are the same we have that special link
Which leads me on to think
It will get better for all of us.

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