by Amaris Soni aged 9

It’s so boring at home today.
There’s nothing to do.
Could this day get any better, I don’t think so.
I see everyone playing outside and I start to cry.
Why oh why is it so boring inside?

People see me looking outside and say Hi.
I say hi back but I’m a bit sad.
They go after a bit and play a game.
I feel so sad so I go to bed. Felling so sad.

I cry in my pillow all day, feeling so sad.
After a bit my sister comes back and makes something to eat.
I ask my sister why do I have to stay inside?
My sister says someone in my class has Covid-19.
I jump to my feet and I feel very confused .
So that’s why I did not go to school today or go shopping.

Everything makes sense now.
I am back on my feet doing everything.
I am so happy, now that I know why.

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