Santa: The Backbone of Christmas

by Arika Bhatia aged 10

Drum roll! Please guess which holiday is today?
It’s Christmas! I can already imagine you raising your hand!
After all, Christmas is in the heart of every child.

Think about it,
Would you not be happy if every 25th of December——
You get a glittering golden present!
Christmas makes every child smile and I wonder why?

I don’t know why,
Maybe its because a man
With a jolly belly spoiling you with piles of gifts

Christmas is nothing without the reindeers,
Respect to them! They carry the slay through out the night,
But on reflecting back, there would be no flying reindeers without Santa
Let’s give a round of applause to him, if he can handle a team of reindeers and make millions of children smile!
He deserves a cookie or two…

Whenever you sit near the fire place on Christmas Eve,
I want you to remember the man,
With his jolly belly who is going to spoil you tomorrow

Spring, the Season of Celebration

by Veer Sorout aged 10

Beauty is a red flower
Blooming in spring
Supplying a beehive
With a bucket full of honey

Beauty is a blue flower
Scenting a garden,
With its awe-inducing fragrance
And its little, green stem

Beauty is dandelion
Spreading out its leaves
And opening up for the first time,
Growing its roots down deep

Beauty is a green flower
Feeling the warmth of the sun
Growing from the seed
Into a tiny tower

Beauty is a green tree
Standing tall and proud
Dropping down a rain of apples,
And giving us brown logs

A Symphony of Celebration

by Jarvis Seymour-Jones aged 15

In the heart of joy, where dreams take flight,
We gather ’round in the soft moonlight.
Celebrating life’s every little thing,
In the chorus of celebration, our voices ring.

From birthdays bright to exams passed well,
In every triumph, our stories swell.
With cakes aglow and candles agleam,
We dance through the night in a joyous stream.

With laughter echoing and smiles wide,
We traverse life’s journey with confident stride.
Each moment cherished, each memory dear,
In celebration, we banish all fear.

Spring’s gentle breeze whispers secrets sweet,
Summer’s warmth embraces, a joyful feat.
Autumn’s hues paint a picture so grand,
And winter’s embrace, like a comforting hand.

With each season’s turn, we find a reason,
To revel in life’s endless celebration.
For in the symphony of life’s grand score,
We find beauty in moments, forevermore.

So raise your voices, let jubilation soar,
In celebration, our spirits adore.
For in these moments, we truly see,
The essence of life’s grand jubilee.

Christmas Senses

by Orla Rennie aged 6

I can see sparkly presents under the Christmas tree.
I can hear Santa and his reindeers landing heavily on my roof.
I can smell the sweet chocolate yule log sitting on the kitchen side.
I can feel the spiky branches on the Christmas tree tingle when I touch.
I can taste the buttery, soft croissants melting in my mouth.

Nativity Tradition

by Marselis Davis aged 20

The story of Christ‘s birth
Is told every year
Yet it holds the same worth
And it still brings good cheer

The story of herdsmen
Tending to their flock
When angels from heaven
Caused them a great shock

The angels gave them news
Of a baby boy
Who was King of the Jews
And would bring the world joy

The story of King Herod
Sending wise men to find
The baby Son of God
Who troubled his mind

They followed a star
Shining bright in the sky
The guide from afar
Delighted the Magi

They found the King of Kings
Just as prophecy foretold
They gifted him many things
Like incense and gold

The story of Christ‘s birth
Is told every year
Yet it holds the same worth
And it still brings good cheer

The story of a Saviour
Born of a virgin
To die for our behaviour
And save us from sin

My Runaway Snowman

by Areeba aged 12

On the day before Christmas
I made a snowman,
As splendid as could be.
I hoped I could keep it as a pet
And let it sleep with me.
It turned out I could
So I got it some PJs,
A blanket to keep it warm,
And placed it on my pillow
To give it some sweet dreams.
But then on Christmas Day
It decided to run away,
But before that it wet my bed AWFULLY!

Snow Globe Home

by Tanesha Mc Daid

Once a year I’m brought out of storage
The lukewarm fake snow whirls around
I glare through my foggy glass cage
At my captors keeping me homebound

The little ones shake me and my home
Till my whole world spins and I feel dizzy
I try spit out the bits of fake snow foam
Yet they laugh and giggle at my misery

Then I’m taken away in my case
Down where it’s all dark and drear
Then I can hide alone in my base
Till all will repeat again next year

Its Christmas

by Aarav aged 10

It’s Christmas time
Get ready and sway all day
Open all your presents
Fingers crossed you get what you want
When Santa comes down the chimney

Christmas Eve

by Theo Plaw aged 10

Snowflakes glisten in the moonlight
Jolly people plunging through the snow
Fluffy coats shivering in the howling wind
A blizzard

The clock tower cries out midnight
The townsfolk surge back to their homes
To family and a cosy fire
A warm glow

Santa’s moonlit sleigh
Dashing through the starry sky
Heading towards the snow covered rooftops
Sack in hand

Children lie awake
Dreaming about the morn
Presents under the shiny tree
Wrapped with love


by Maria aged 9

snow Christmas
snow comes
then leaves
snow come
back on
snow leaves