by Moyin aged 7

Love is a dream

Love is precious

Love is wonderful

Love is great

Christmas Time

by Emrit aged 9

Christmas time is a time to be together,
and to give presents to who you love.
Make people smile everyday,
but last of all make people smile.

Christmas is for enjoying,
be sure not to peek into presents.
Open presents on Christmas,
And make it fun.

When Santa Knocks on Your Doorstep!

by Apoorva Vishwanath aged 11

Snow dumped, outside in the street,

It is time to get ready for a treat,

Where are your premonitions?

All ready are the decorations!

Keep your home, tidy and neat

Santa’s gonna get you a gift and a sweet!

Whatever mum makes – pies or waffle

Remember, it is not going to be a trifle.

The children around, the way they waggle,

A day before, you can see them jabber.

Christmas is an ecstasy,

Bask in this opportunity.

There is not a way anyone can get ill-fated,

And this poem’s a way Christmas is promulgated

Enchanted Christmas

by Elsa Y aged 10


Across an ocean
Over the ice
Into the world
Of creatures and plants
Once every year
(at the end of December)
The animals celebrate a holiday
Which they call Enchanted Christmas
The shimmer of the icicles
The sparkle of the ground
And the glow of the snow which garnish the pine trees
The hum of the forest spreads a word
Of a party which take place amongst the toadstools
The serpent hisses Christmas carols
While the parrots practice for their winter music
A butterfly flaps its wings to the beat of the deerskin drums
And the insects tap dance to the jingle bells tune
A jaguar, lion and panther roar as the Christmas party commences
The Northern Lights cast a light show into the starry sky
And the Enchanted Christmas continues
Everyone ready for next year’s surprise

Christmas Shopping

by Eleni Barrett aged 13


It’s that time of the year again.
I scan the shelves of shops for things my family would like,
A necklace for my sister, well thought out and given with love.
A stress ball for my brother. He broke his old one
and keeps telling Mum and Dad to get him a new one.
Face cream for my dad. He clearly loved that brand I got him last year.
And some bubble bath for my mum
because she doesn’t give herself enough time to relax.

I take a sip of my mocha, my hands warmed by the cup,
And my mouth warmed by the chocolatey taste,
I catch the 371 and sit near a window,
As I pass peaceful fields of white,
Proud of the gifts I have selected,
Smiling at the unity that Christmas brings.


by Sherdil Asif aged 9

It rains in winter,
It snows in winter,
Fog appears in winter,
Heaters are on in winters,
Fans are off in winter,
Children play with snow in winter,
People go out less in winter,
We are cozy in our warm house in winter,
That’s why I love winter!

Recipe for a Christmas Tree

by Rose aged 9

First gather a cupful of shivering golden fairy lights
Next a pinch of sparkling colourful baubles
Now pour some shimmery shiny tinsel
Then stir in magical fun decorations
And sprinkle some glittery fairy dust
Now add a slice of excitement
And a spoonful of happiness
Then some Christmas warmth
Finally put the beautiful pretty star at the
Top of the tree

Recipe for A Christmas Tree

by Pam aged 9

Recipe for a christmas tree

First, gather a tablespoon of tinsel,
Next, get a cupful of decorations,
Then, add a swirl of of glowing fairy lights,
After that, pour in a litre of of colourful baubles,
Then, get a sparkling angel for the top of your tree,
Finally you need to mix in some Christmas spirit to your tree and it will be finished,
And it will be served
With a slice of happiness

Christmas Night

by Arran aged 7

Santa is reading a letter,
The children are behaving better.
Elves are making presents happily,
They are getting them ready for my family.
Santa sets off in his giant red sleigh,
It’s a freezing cold day!
Croydon is covered in snow,
Santa says, “Ho ho ho!”

Christmas Time

by Lexy aged 11

Christmas, Christmas.
The most wonderful time of year.
I just can’t possibly believe it’s here!
Clean you fireplaces have them at the ready,
so Santa can slide down nice and steady.
Carol singers everywhere,
singing the Christmas cheer
even Santa’s reindeer!
Merry Christmas
I hope you all get everything
you asked for on your wish list.