A Rocketful of Space Poems

Rocketful of Space Poems

A Rocketful of Space Poems by John Foster and Korky Paul (Frances Lincoln)

An anthology which will capture the imagination of any child with stars in their eyes. A little different to those good but worthy poems that mix science with literature, the ones in this book give us a new take on outer space. I now know the rules to inter-galactic squibble ball, which include ‘it is a foul to squander the abblatz’. I also know it will take me 134 days to drive to the moon in an average car; where to buy a make-up kit for thorny skin; that most Martians support ManU; that the Dreaded Drob of Drooble is a mighty bird of prey; and that you can get a delicious seeblefloozer steakwich at Pluto Peter’s Spacefood Takeaway. Great fun. And the illustrations are out of this world.

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