Never Nudge a Budgie

Never Nudge a Budgie

Never Nudge a Budgie by Colin West, Walker Books

Children will love the poems in this book. End of review! Well, not quite because

I’d like to add that they’ll love them for all the right reasons. They are funny and

they’re clever. They scamper along and they sing. Some are quite grisly in a

light-hearted way and naughty enough to keep a child’s attention without

resorting to bottoms for a cheap laugh. Some are just plain absurd, in the best

traditions of that genre, and the rhymes are sublime. The illustrations are really

good. Although it doesn’t say so, I believe they are by the author. Flicking

through the book for a couple of poems to reproduce here to illustrate my

points, I find I cannot choose. They’re all worth reading. You’ll just have to buy

the book.


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  • Roger Stevens

    Hi Rupsa. It IS published. It’s a great book. All of the reviews here are for books you can buy in bookshops or on line.

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