Don’t Poke a Worm Till It Wriggles

Worm poems by Celia Warren.

by Celia Warren (Bloomsbury)

I will never look at a worm in the same light again. What a lovely book. Who could have guessed how many things could be said about these unremarkable (or so I thought) creatures? The poems are bright, funny, sometimes surprising, really well crafted – and every single one of them is about worms. I am quite sure all children will really love these poems and enjoy the clever rhymes and rhythms on every page. I particularly like:

“The scientists know everything about me,”

said the worm as it wove down one more hole,

And its five tiny hearts beat faster,

“But they still don’t know about my soul.”

Well there’s a thought – and there’s an example of a poem to entertain, educate and challenge a child. Perfect.


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