Will I Ever See My Friends

by Sizhe aged 9

I stare out of the window the streets are super bare
Seeing someone outside is just a bit rare
I want my friends or else I won’t have fun
I would be dark not even in the sun
I really miss my friends I miss all the joy
Living at home is boring without the boys
I hope lockdown ends in the summer
Because if it doesn’t it will be a bummer
Being bored is super bad
Only seeing my friends will make me glad
Lockdown in the Summer is the worst
So bad that it will make me burst
It’s unfair that we can’t have fun with our friends
When will lockdown ever end
Sleepovers, water parks and beaches
Jelly, ice cream and fresh peaches
Are triggering me so much
When I see my friends again
you won’t untangle me from their clutches


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