What Santa Does Before Christmas Eve

by Anvit Likhate aged 11

So let me tell you what Santa
Does before Christmas Eve,
(Pure imagination )
It’s just a guess
(Rather, a complete guess)
But I just think that the humor is less.

So, Santa was checking all the gifts that had been packed,
And they were packed,
So, he left for the Toy Factory,
(For a surprise inspection)
It didn’t take long for him to find out that the bookshelves were broken
So he told the elves,
(Who gave each other a sly smile)
To mend the bookshelves.

Soon Santa Claus knew that it was time to get ready,
But he just got to know that his beard needed a trim,
(Honestly, it was Mrs Claus who reminded him)
So, the elves started trimming his beard,
(They were too clumsy for words)
In the meantime Mrs Claus prepared a mug of steaming hot cocoa,
Filled up to the brim.

Finally it was Christmas Eve,
Vixen, Blitzen and all the other reindeer were ready,
(Prancer was stamping his feet out of excitemen )
The weather was merry and bright,
Because Santa was going to come tonight,
(Now, he was in India)
He heard a father tell his son,
That Santa came at night as it was his style,
Santa’s eyes twinkled and he gave a wide smile.

One Response to “What Santa Does Before Christmas Eve”

  • Laila baines

    Wow good guess, I would have said he acts his sleigh and then goes and that’s it! 😂👍🏻

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