My Way

by Rik aged 12

I’m on my way,
But I always see them
I always ask for something,
But I did not know anything

Will these blocks not be changed?
Before death?
I have the right time,
Strengthening my children,
And next day

I am scared
I see birds
Who is a flying creature,
When I saw the girls,
Who goes to school?

My house is so bad,
Not desert,
Full room full of clay,
Everything is clean and dirty

I do not have food
There is nothing new to use,
There is no room to leave

When will I change my life?
In the seat?
However, a little cheaper, better,
If you are rich,
I am very thirsty
Do not be happy

Not every person will be satisfied for some time,
There is no life of sowing
But this is a thorny tree.

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