by Harshita Das aged 11

My vision is tinted blue
Takes force to move around
Paddling with all my might
I fear that I might drown
Remembering the moments
When I was above
I used to stare at the ocean bed
What was below?
Underwater, where life is more
And now I am here
It seems so clear

Golden fishes
Glint in the small light
Which comes from the surface
Pink and blue
I watch from a distance
Their delicate tentacles
Moving simultaneously
And a dolphin comes up
To the surface
For some air
And it hops around
With beautiful splashes
A school of fishes
Millions and millions
Go past me
Coral reefs surround me
Brightly coloured plants
Sway with the waves
And oysters
With shining pearls

And I have no doubt
The population up in my realm
Is scarce
Compared to here

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