Who Am I, and Who is My True Love?

by Samuel aged 10

Who am I?
I am a person with smooth hair,
Blue eyes,
And a smile that never shows its teeth.
I am a person that can run as far as we humans can see,
I am that person who will stop at nothing just to get my knowledge to grow,
The person who will climb Everest to be able to see far into space,
I am that person who everyone calls skinny,
I am the person who will get into college,
The type of someone who will get far in life,
A person who is sensitive,
A human who loves nature,
Someone who doesn’t eat much but will care for others,
The type of person that will need help with some lessons,
A person who will learn from their mistakes,
And someone who will try to be their best,
So if I’m him,
Who is my true love?

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