Traversing Perilous Lands of Information

by Harshita Das aged 14

They have so much to talk about, yet nothing to say
Words scented and scrubbed, yet with deception they decay
Words brewed in false civility, aged with belief to lead one astray
When, all knowledge about the world is just a screen away
The poisonous wine hides itself in a mob-led buffet

In this world of written worded, wordy words
Core messages are lost when draped in fancy, silky-soft, ethereal robes
Shying away from that piece of vital information one should’ve known
So be warned, fellow citizen of the internet, when you traverse these lands
For the words of people on here mightn’t be overtly malicious
But cruelty comes through ignorance and indifference
Much more often than of direct intent

The Poetry Zone

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