The Worrying Tendencies

by Edmund Kimber aged 11


Friendship is not continuous,
Nor is a healthy relationship with immediate family;
This is where we have the worrying tendencies,
That keep us from adjusting back to normal life.

Regardless of whether we can make up
with friends and family we’ve all abandoned,
We are in this together.
Being with close family for so long
with so little breaks for comfort is inevitably excruciating:
We discover how inept we all are vividly;
We are discouraged to go back to how it was,
We regret our decisions to do what is never a risk normally,
And last but not least,
We are frightened by the most mundane goings on.

We are people who commit to our lives;
We worry to leave things unfinished,
But this time…
We must put aside our regular lives, then come back as stronger,
braver and more cautious individuals
We must fight to save lives.

3 Responses to “The Worrying Tendencies”

  • Lexy

    No wonder your a win. That poem is one of the best poems I’ve saw in my life . So good

  • Roger Stevens

    I liked it. You won. Just carry on writing. You’ll write good stuff. You’ll write bad stuff. Just keep on going. learning. Improving.

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