Terrific Trees

by Lily McKay aged 9

Trees are brilliant,
They’re peaceful and green.
When you’re dancing in a meadow,
They make a beautiful scene.

I love to see
These trees around me …

The cheerful Cherry
The lovely Lime
The perfect Pear
The pretty Plum
The happy Holly
The jolly Juniper
The brilliant Beech
The wonderful Willow
The amazing Ash
The marvellous Maple
The charming Chestnut
The relaxing Rowan
And The Olympic Oak

Trees, I love them all
They are really, really tall

One Response to “Terrific Trees”

  • Michael

    Thank you Lily , for sharing your tremendous poem celebrating trees. Like all good poets you give us a fresh look at the world. Trees do have characters and when I pass a charming chestnut or an Olympic oak I will remember your words. Looking forward to reading more of your poems!

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