The Spider and the Ant

by Pragun aged 12

I lean down
An ant is crawling.
Here and there,
There and here.
It goes.
It does not know
That a spider’s web is near.
It turns to its left,
Walks a little
And it is stuck.
It is helpless.
For it, it
Is the same as
Being dead.
The spider has noticed
That an ant has got caught.
The spider is crawling downwards.
I think
Should I break the spider’s web?
Well, a house can
Be built again.
But life cannot be brought back.
But why should I give such a burden
To the spider?
Well, it’s okay, the spider can
Build the house again.
But I am too late.
The spider’s mouth
Touches the ant’s head.
And the spider has eaten
The ant’s head.
It continues to eat the ant.
Well, now there’s no point
In breaking the web.
Because the ant has already
Been killed.
So I get up and walk away,
Respecting the beauty of nature.

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