Solar Eclipses

by Iliana aged 10

A Solar Eclipse isn’t just a time in space, the sun and moon meet,
The grace in the movements as they approach each other,
The moment as one meets another,
The event of a solar system celebrating as Sun and Moon reunite.
It’s too great to just be nothing.

The Sun was the giver of light,
So generous, so warm.
The Moon was ever so lonely,
Just a rocky surface with circular craters…
But fate pulled them together,
And the first Solar Eclipse was born,
Life could never be so sweet.

And ever since then,
After all of these wondering years,
The Sun and Moon still unite,
The Sun was still the same glowing radiance as before,
And still the warm-hearted, alluring beam of light
The Moon however, didn’t feel as alone,
As the Sun stained him with her shine,
And warmed his heart forever.

So tell me,
Is a Solar Eclipse just a moment in life where it’s worth looking into the sky?
Or is it a reunion, a celebration, and a love story in one?
Is this what love feels like?
Maybe it’s just space,
Or perhaps it’s something more,
The look of adoration,
The start of a friendship,
And love beyond infinity.

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