Snowball Fight

by Sophia Islam-Choudhury aged 9

It snowed last night,
And school was cancelled to our delight.
We jumped out of bed in the morning light,
Put on our things and went out for a
Every kid on our street came,
Except Henry which was a shame.
Because without him it was not the same,
He made it fun with his cricketer aim.
Apparently, his family were in,
Sitting in front of the TV with a biscuit tin.
They were watching Mike’s show ‘What’s the Din?’
And because he ditched us we pushed over his bin!

One Response to “Snowball Fight”

  • Julia

    This is a brilliant poem. You could be a fantastic poet if you keep on writing them. I hope you put more on this website because this is fabulous. Keep ON WRITING POEMS!

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