My Sister

by Devan Nelson aged 16

I am so proud of you, sister.
You mean so much to me.
I really wish you could look inside
my heart and really, truly, see.
The love that lies within,
The thoughts that made me grin.
The times we have shared.
The times you’ve been there, just to care.
Those times of long ago,
that only you and I could know.
Those times of heartache and pain,
those times of hurt and gain.
Those times of triumph and loss,
on seas of trouble tossed.
You helped me face my fears.
You’ve been there through the tears.
You’ve been my strength in tough times.
You’ve helped me to climb and reach for the skies.
Climb higher in this life,
than I have ever cared to go,
because only you believed in me and helped me to grow.
You wouldn’t let me sit,
you wouldn’t let me rest.
You told me to climb higher
and do my very best.
Thank you, my sister, for caring about me so,
right now, in this poem, I want you to know.
I don’t show it enough.
How much I love you.
Thank you my sister, for being so very true.

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