Santa’s Reindeer

by Elsie aged 12

Rudolf’s nose – as red as a cherry,
His antlers long – sturdy as any,
He flies through the air – as graceful as ballet,
Making sure Santa is on his way.

Dasher is fast – as fast as a tornado,
He dashes around – panicked as if there were no reindeer!
Trying to help everyone around,
He always makes a lot of sound.

Dancer and Prancer don’t stop moving – as wiggly as worms outta the ground,
They dance around – as happily as they can,
Their hooves banging on the ground – making a loud sound
They always make Santa laugh!

Vixen is sneaky – as sneaky as a fox,
Stealing from others – as he doesn’t knock,
He eats all the carrots – as greedy as can be,
Santa always keeps an eye on him on Christmas eve.

Comet races through the sky – as fast as a rocket flying high,
He is strong – strong as a boulder,
He wears a coat- as shiny as no other,
All the reindeer admire him,

Cupid is the Angel – good as gold,
Santa’s most best behaved reindeer – he does what he’s told,
He helps every reindeer – who is in need,
Making everyone happy,

Donna and Blitzen stand out – as much as they can,
Thunder and lightning crashing around,
They march around – making them as heard as a siren,
You can hear when their thunder and lightning sound.

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