A Ranch in Alaska

by Archie Kendle aged 10

One day a man called Ivan,
his wife, and a 10 year old boy called Archie
bought a ranch in Alaska.

One day they went for a walk
through the mossy and dense woods.
They could hear a noise so (what do you think they did?)
Yep, they trudged through the woods
and got pricked and poked
until they came across a big muddy bog.
Their muddy mouths dropped as wide open as a lion
There was a horse in the bog of course
It was a stallion and only young too.
It was kicking off because it was stressed
They didn’t want to go near it
in case they got stuck or they upset it even more
They went back and got it some lovely food to eat.

But there was a challenge
and I mean a big challenge
they had to try and get the horse out.

Archie said, ”Let’s try a rope.”
Ivan said, “No it will hurt it.”

Then there was a rustle
but they thought it was just a rabbit or something.

“BANG” went something
It was a woodsman with his shotgun.
The woodsman said, “What are you doing here?”
Archie and Ivan were dead silent
They didn’t move a muscle.
He said, “I asked you what are you doing here?”

Archie said, “We heard this funny noise
so we came and had a look”
“What about you?” asked the man.
Ivan said “ I came with my son”
“Please let me just get the horse.”

The man said, “Okay, as long as it is just that, right?”
Ivan said, “Archie, go get them straps out of my truck
and bring a halter, all right?”
Archie went back to the ranch, grabbed the stuff
then went to the horse quickly
where he saw his dad with his hand on the horse’s head.

Archie said, “What are you doing?”
Ivan said, “This is called tea touch it calms them down.”

Archie said, “Wow”
“Right, pass me the straps, halter and the rope”
“Let’s put this one you,” Ivan said to the horse,
“and get you out of this sloppy, slurpy slime bog.
Come on, nearly there, good boy and you are out.”
“Give him a pat, Archie.”

So they went back to the ranch with the horse
When they got back Mum was there.
Archie sprinted towards her and gave her a big hug
They said how much they missed each other
and Archie held the horse
while his dad went and hugged her
“We have got a big story to tell you haven’t we Archie?”
“Put him back in the stable and give him some food
then we will meet you in the house to tell the story to Mum.”

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