Pawprint Shaped Dream

by Praniti Gulyani aged 13

Winning Poem

Gentle tears,
Her lustrous eyelashes
Green mirrors
The seamstress’s cat
Dreams spread out on looms,
Picking at them
Strand by strand
Seamstress’s cat
Sitting by an empty bowl
Gently sipping moonlight
Seamstress’s cat
Trampling on the moon
The shadows of needles
Gently stitching his dreams
Seamstress’s cat
The shadows of tapestry
Gently fluttering
The night flaps away
Seamstress’s cat
Every bit of him
For the tapestry
Amidst the thickness of fabric,
Poor seamstress,
Restless fingers, twitching
To gaze at the tapestry
Seamstress’s cat
The start… was a mere strand
The end… was a silky paw print
An imprint on the aisle
of her heart
Seamstress’s cat
Never a mew?
No milk?
No muddy paw prints?
The sprinting illusions
of a Cheshire cat
Painstakingly woven into
a soft, silky paw print
The threads of utmost yearning

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