The Old Times

by Ishaan Singh Sarna aged 13

Sitting idle,
sipping some coffee
& enjoying the beautiful scenery,
I suddenly thought of
you and the old days;
do you remember the days when we
walked together, hand in hand
promising each other that
this bond will never break,
promising each other that
we both will always be there for
each other;
do you remember the days when others
wished that they could have
a bond somewhat
like ours?

but now, everything’s changed;
we act like strangers,
walking past each other
locking sight
but with a locked mouth,
our inner soul
tells us not to even exchange a
though, deep inside us
we wish to speak to each other,
share the latest news,
like we did a few years ago.

I wish,
that the old times could come back:
I wish I could cry on your shoulder,
I wish I could exchange secrets,
I wish we could gossip about people,
I wish this bridge is built all over

i wish.

One Response to “The Old Times”

  • Praniti Gulyani

    Beautiful start…..
    Beautiful ending…
    You end the poem so beautifully, with an open ended line, ”I wish”….Wow!
    Your poem gets me thinking. It throws a light on the importance of relationships, and the vitality of strengthening them throughout.
    If you widen your vocabulary, and flower your use of language, then i believe that this poem can truly win accolades in competitions…
    I see that rare spark in your poetry, The ability to connect with the reader’s emotions is very rare…
    You presumably specialize in touching poetry. Touching poetry is defined as the poetry which says a lot in less. You specialize in simplicity, and unknowingly end up saying so much..
    Today’s era of literature lacks poets who understand the beauty of simplicity. Poets who can ‘be’ there..poets who can capture the present..
    I presume (And strongly feel) that you too, are one of them..You specialize in writing poetry around the bare truth, the naked , unclothed truth..
    I think you should try writing Haiku.. you will surely do them very, very, very well..
    Great Job!
    Keep posting and i look forward to reading more of your poetry.. Keep checking out the ‘competitions’ section

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