Night Time

by Layla and Ruby aged 5 & 7

At night time we sleep underneath our roof,
But they are outside, I just don’t have proof,
There’s fairies and giants, unicorns and elves,
The BFG, I’ve seem him, he really smells!

I see them walking, outside my house,
There’s loads of creatures, strolling about,
Although they’re secretive, they’re still really loud,
But no one believes, so they’ve never been found!

I’ve once seen a dwarf, very small,
He was with Grumpy, carrying an axe and ball,
Then I saw Snow White, with her stepmother,
Snow had another man, her new half brother.

I saw The Tooth Fairy, carrying her wand,
She was smiling, at money, looking quite fond,
Then there was Rudolph, of course with Santa,
They were looking happy, full of banter

Last verse I promise, but a unicorn I saw!
I’m not lying, it was fluffy, I wanna see more!
And Bye Guys, hope you enjoy this!
And more will come, why don’t you write one with sir or miss?!

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