by Fathima aged 13

See the deep oceans
Observe their wavy motion
Oh, how wonderful they are

Swaying and swaying
How wonderful is nature
Bees and butterflies,
Birds and insects
Flutter around flowers
Spreading happiness
And singing with joy

Nature is endless
It has no boundaries
It has high mountains
Colourful flowers
Wonderful animals
And so many types of birds

Have you seen the rain?
The falling snow
And beautiful waterfalls?
If you are depressed or sad
Just go and explore nature
Enjoy its beauty
And you’ll feel better


5 Responses to “Nature”

  • Roger Stevens

    Hi Fathima

    I received your email but it came via a roundabout route. You can reach me at The Poetry Zone email address ( I like your poems, and would be happy to give you a few tips. Firstly – don’t write in capital letters, as I said before. Secondly – visit the Poetry Zone Teachers pages, where you will find tips and also lots of ideas. For writing stories – take a look at Wattpad.

  • Emily

    Loved that! Well done! That made me feel so calm! I love nature! Well done! Fathima!

The Poetry Zone

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