The Monster

by Elsie aged 11

As you sleep the monster is there, hiding right under your very own bed,
he sits there quietly, as quiet as a mouse,
waiting for a moment to raid your house!
He has prickles on his back, right down from his neck,
he has big black eyes, and a beak that can peck,
his giant furry feet can cover a head,
I wonder why he likes it under a bed?
He likes to eat cheese and eggs a lot,
he also likes to break most pots,
it’s always at twelve when he gets up,
to scoff down all of the food that’s been left out.
It’s usually stale old bread or manky cheese,
he peels all of the rotten stuff off with ease,
after he’s finished he goes back to under your bed,
then the monster rests his head,
till the next night, when he raids again!

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