The Missing Book

by Pragun aged 12

Putting the books into
My bag
At school at the end
Of the day is the best
Thing of school.
Wait! This book doesn’t look
Like mine.
Did somebody keep this,
In my desk?
Might have happened when
Some other class came to ours.
While we were having PE.
Its label says the
Name’s Tony.
And the class is III C.
I open the book.
It’s a computer textbook.
Wait! I had put this book
Into my desk.
Somebody had not put this
Book in my desk.
When we had gone
To the computer room,
The teacher had asked
For my book,
So that she could
Correct it.
I had given it to her.
The bell then rang.
I took my book and
Went back to class.
The only problem with this
Was that this ‘my book’
Was not my book.
I got to III C,
Wondering that this Tony
Would be crying and wondering
Where his computer textbook is.
I go to class III C.
‘Excuse me ma’am,
Is there is a person in
This class called Tony?’
Said I ‘I have his computer
Textbook and would like
To give it to him.’
He had already left.
So I wonder what the next
Best thing to do was.
Guess what I did?
I went to the computer room,
Went to the teacher,
And gave her that textbook.
So, now, hopefully,
That 3rd grader called Tony,
Has got his computer textbook,
And currently is reading through it.
I don’t think I need to hope,
I am pretty sure he got his book back.

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