Down Memory Lane

by Aditi Jain aged 13

I knew we were done
Yes we had enough
You were on my path
I was on mine
Waited for the paths to cross
Hoped to meet again
I saw our paths intersecting
But turned I knew
You would blame me
For all of your pain
You wouldn’t look into my eyes
See the fear of making new friends
You had pushed me away
Hoping that I would run after you
I had lost all my senses
And no one was there to pick me up
Forgetting this I ran back to you
Hoping that you would hug me
Talk to me and love me the same way
Unfortunately our friendship had changed
Everything had changed
I saw you laughing with someone else
The same way we used to
Memories trembled down my spine
Tears rolled down my cheeks
I stood there for hours motionless
Taking a journey down memory lane

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