by Aditi Jain aged 15


Maybe one day
when Luna shines brighter than ever
the men will be able to get out
of the patriarchy system
and realise
how they could have turned
Earth into a scintillating place
only if they had
accepted that women were equal

Now women have
made themselves a happy home
not on Earth but on the Moon
They have grown through what
they have gone through
now their faces are as
as the Moon appears from Earth

Even though they are in
a no gravity zone
their feet are on the ground
and their dreams are in the sky
They don’t really want to go back to

They think Luna is very similar to them
All their lives they revolved around someone else
who was also busy revolving around someone else
The women also think
just like their beauty
Moon’s beauty is hidden
and underappreciated
Maybe one day the men will
understand Luna
and it will be the time when they
understand women

The Poetry Zone

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