The Lovers of the Loch

by Zealous CHIP aged 11

The lovers of the Loch,
loved pure, loved true.
Their love ’twas forbidden,
though their choices they don’t rue.
An elvish bloke, a human babe
who’d have ever thought,
but their flawless love was immaculate
and it could not be bought.
With every embrace,
both their world’s grew bitter;
their hate and their despise,
for these two grew fitter.
They sent an assassin,
a silent predator.
The reason he applied,
was to pay of his creditor.
A blood truce of
ancestral proportions,
settled with a life
twisted with contortions .
when the lovebirds hugged
he nocked his arrow,
a single kiss
it went whizzing like a sparrow…
Evanesce, evanesce, evanesce
the shadow faded away,
it would take a stone heart to confess
what happened on that day…

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