Love is…

by Sophie and Harry Ennor aged 9 and 7

Love is…
So important
A rainbow

Love is cute
Love smells like perfume
Love is a sweetie
Love can’t go away

Love is…
A unicorn

Love is respect
Love is sweet
Love is kind
Love is you
Love is lol

5 Responses to “Love is…”

  • Roger Stevens

    I am enjoying your poems, Sophie. Your three Love Is… poems were very similar. So I have combined them into one longer poem.

  • Roger Stevens

    Hi Harry. I like very short poems. But here you sent three very short poems that were all about the same thing. So I thought it would make a more interesting poem if they were put together. When you are editing poems, as well ask checking the spelling, you have to try to make sure that the poem is the best it can be, so you often have to make small alterations. Not in what the poet is saying, but in the way the words are put together. Of course, it’s YOUR poem. So I could change it back if you would prefer that. I like it though.

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