Lost Love

by Aradhna aged 11

I met an angel
The day I met her
her beauty was enchanting, refined, eloquent and divine
her face so sweet
her eyes so hypnotizing
the sweet smell of her perfume
still lingers in my mind.

Deep fiery auburn hair, like the fires of the sun
her skin so white, delicate, and smooth
We spoke
we laughed
a mind so profound
an articulation of speech so rare
friend of joy
comforting when sad
time too short, an eternity of desire
The sorrow that I feel
a broken heart
Where are you lost love?
the story is once told
the time has passed
remember me lost love
smile when you think of me

4 Responses to “Lost Love”

  • Jessica

    That is long but absolutely boring. KIDDING!!!! It was AMAZING?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    OMG!!!! That is absolutely incredible!!! It is one of my favourite poems I’ve ever heard!

  • Ghost

    This was incredible, I can’t really find any other words.Just Incredible.

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